Douglas Corner in a Glance for June 2017

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Thur 8-Jun 8:30PM Thursday Night Throwdown with Dave Pomeroy
and John Knowles $7 Rock

Fri 9-Jun 6:00PM Kelly Seidel, Frankie Gene, Dustin Herring
and Taming Renee Free S/S
9:00PM Lois Blaisch, Janey Street, Sam Tate, Dave Gibson
and Jenny McNabb $10 S/S

Sat 10-Jun 6:00PM Chris Pelcer, Ron Wallace, Skylar Wallace
and Debby Throckmorton Free S/S
9:00PM Writers Round the Beer Tub Mervin, Gary Cotton,
Bud Lee, Bernie Nelson, Jeff Prince, W.T. Davidson
and others Free S/S

Thur 15-Jun 8:00PM Denise Reagan, Greg Foresman, Jon Conley
and Cole Price $5 S/S

Fri 16-Jun 6:00PM Shenaniganza with Donnie Winters, Dave Isaacs,
Kurt Fortmeyer, Supe Granda and Mike Cullison
$10 Country

Sat 17-Jun 8:30PM The Mighty Train Wrecks $7 Country

Tue 20-Jun 8:00PM Open Mic hosted by Donnie Winters Free S/S

Thur 22-Jun 8:30PM Hippie Chick Twang Presents: Chicks Rock $10 Rock

Fri 23-Jun 9:00PM Zach Ummer, Kyle Cox and Chris Moyse $5 Rock

Sat 24-Jun 6:00PM Cmac and the Madras Men $10 Rock

Mon 26-Jun 7:30PM TenX9: Nashville Storytelling Free S/S

Tue 27-Jun 8:00PM Open Mic hosted by Donnie Winters Free S/S

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