Drew Haley Makes a Stunning Statement with her EP, Wildflower

Drew Haley is captivating and just as refreshing with her new EP “Wildflower”. Fearlessly forging her way down Music Row to the beat of her own drum, Drew has now chosen the very best of over 300 songs in her catalog for her Wildflowers.

Wildflower captures Haley’s journey as a an incredible songwriter and her vocals are absolutely intoxicating as she brings the listener into her world of love and light. Drew Haley is not your common garden variety singer/songwriter. Drew writes and sings with passion and purpose. She gives herself to her music without abandon and the result is pure ethereal magic. 


 Wildflower is a collection of songs that are inspired by her Country, Americana background and are centered around a warm acoustic guitar and a strong lead vocal. The themes of the songs are very personal and simultaneously very relatable to the listener, covering topics such as relationships, heartbreak, and hope. The production throughout the EP is very beautiful, with lots of acoustic string instruments such as mandolin, violin, and slide guitar. This gives the songs a very organic feel, which perfectly match the name “Wildflower”.

“This EP is 100% honest, raw and created based on some of my personal experiences of being a mom, a wife and the highs and lows that go along with this crazy, messy, beautiful, ever changing thing we call life.” says Drew. “Songwriting has and always will be my therapy, my safe haven where I can really tap into what I’m truly feeling within and express it. I wanted to be very intentional about what songs I chose to put on this EP because I think of my songs as arrows and I want them to bring light, hope, love, peace and healing to people. Music has been extremely healing for me during my hardest times and I want to spread that to others through my songs, ultimately. That’s my ‘why’.”

The themes of the songs are very personal and easily relatable as you will read below in a track-by-track of each song on the EP.

 “Wildflower” The EP title track is a beautiful crown to the collection of Drew’s songs that she shares honestly. The chorus declares boldly that “…wildflowers can’t be tamed…” and the honesty with which Haley sings gives the listener confidence to follow their own path and inspires them as she sings about when  “…she became her own hero…” and gives them courage to believe in themselves a little stronger.

“Fool To Remember”  is breathtaking to listen to and just as captivating to watch in the mesmerizing music video which debuted on CMT.com this summer.

“Mood Swing” brings the tempo up and gives us a chance to shake off the blues and smile while laughing at ourselves in everyday situations.

“Listen To The Sound” is as heartfelt as it is inspiring. The song begins with a charming acoustic guitar introduction as her vocals only accentuate the up-tempo  beat. Haley’s lyrics, wrapped in a beautiful melody, describe how at the end of the day, as long as we believe in ourselves, we have more treasure than gold. Haley sings, “I won’t always be around to pick you up,
when you fall down, just listen to the sound of your beating hear

“Whole Wide World” wraps up the EP with a powerful anthem of gratitude and tribute to true love and everything that a special relationship brings to our lives in a meaningful way.

Drew Haley has landed cuts on five Independent Artist’s albums in the last three years and was nominated for the Hollywood Music and Media awards in 2014 for “It’s Gonna be a Good Day”. In addition, Drew has appeared in several episodes of the hit T.V. show, “Nashville”.  She also co-founded Be a Highway Woman an organization that offers business and creative support for female singer/songwriters in a male dominated industry, along with Jill Pavel and The Highway Women. 

Drew’s laid back acoustic driven show connects with her audience as her East Texas country roots flow through her voice with an element of soulful sincerity.  Her heartfelt melodies, mixed with honest storytelling, connect with her fans leaving them with a sense of personally knowing her. 

In September 2019 Drew joined the all female fronted band “The Highway Women“. Drew will continue recording and touring with the band  in addition to her solo career. The Highway Women released their new single “Shake the Dust” in June with a music video that has streamed via social media over 400K. 

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