Electric Forest 2018 Weekend 1, Day 3 & 4 Recap

Electric Forest Weekend 1 Day 3 & 4 were just as exciting as the first two and below are some notable highlights:
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Music in Schools and the Shelby High School Marching Band

Music In Schools is Electric Forest’s own effort to support music education in Michigan schools. From monetary donations to the opportunity to perform in The Forest, Music In Schools creates avenues for young people to shine in music. Electric Forest’s Music In Schools Program has supported local music education since 2012. Each year, thousands of dollars are donated to help keep music part of the curriculum in Michigan public schools. By donating money and instruments to local school music programs, Electric Forest is bridging the gap between diminishing school budgets and music program resource needs.
On Saturday (June 23), Electric Forest welcomed the Shelby High School Marching Band to perform onsite.

Her Forest – Humanity Circle 

With a focus on Connection, Inspiration, and Comfort, Her Forest is a collaboration between all who identify as women, and those who celebrate their enjoyment of and equality in the Forest Family. All Her Forest projects are intended to create the most supportive and empowering environment possible. On Saturday they had an all-inclusive closing celebration of the unity, self-expression, and love that is the Forest Family.

Sunday Funday

Her Forest – Her Forest Panel Centered in Sisterhood

On Sunday (June 24), they welcomed the Forest Family to participate in the Her Forest Panel, featuring some of the festivals most powerful female voices. Featuring artist Madame Gandhi, artist Kawehi, EF’s Creative Director Nova Han, Mared Hidalgo from EF’s Video Team, Madison House Inc. agent Mary Allen, and EF’s Artist Relations Director Dasha Davis, come listen to their discussion about being Centered in Sisterhood.

Art Installation Sponsorship – Art in the Forest

Each year, The Forest morphs into a reimagining of itself, with new art, fresh experiences, and a healthy dose of inspiration. Part of the Electric Forest Plug In Program, the Art Installation Sponsorship program is the chance to bring dreams sparked by The Forest to life. This year EF welcomed the following new installations to the Forest:
The Drum Circle By Dark Moon Productions: Nestled in the Forest, a group of nature-consumed light-drums wait for Forester interaction. The Drum Circle is created for the Forest community, in order to build it further and nourish bonds between individuals through music-making.
Find Your Wings: Find Your Wings, from artists Kate and John McSpadden, is an interactive art piece which will transform festival goers into winged creatures of The Forest. It consists of a series of fully sized, intricately designed wings which will be painted, illuminated, and mounted in such a way that they will provide a magical experience and photo opportunity for all guests.
The Portals: A dazzling LED display plays with the eye, questioning reality and perspective. The use of mirrors and light will allow you to see yourself… and where you’re going. “The Portals” are the brainchild of a Vermont based artist, Stephen Rhoades. A manipulator of light and space, Stephen has been creating art with glass, metal, clay, wood and electronics for over 10 years. As an Electric Forest veteran, Stephen is dedicated to bringing unique experiences to Sherwood, now and forever.
Cymatic Sandbox: The Cymatic Sandbox is a space where forest dwellers can activate their sensory and perception centers through light, touch, and vibration in a completely transformational way. Through synthesizing the ancient meditative art form of Zen gardens and the newly discovered science of Cymatic technology, festival-goers are able to sit all around the sandbox and use their hands to create an ever-evolving sand mural while rainbow colors gently reflect through the lines drawn in the sand. Inside of the base of the sandbox, a vibrating plate continuously shifts forming various geometries and designs in the sand.
See the full lineup of EF2018 installation artists here.

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