Federico Parra releases “Federico Descending”

Federico Parra courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Federico Parra courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Federico is truly amazing, his gifts to bring out the oneness and spiritual rejuvenation in us all is rich in culture and universal symbolism.

His music and his talents bring about the aura of the music and will eventually, through his global effort, span the globe. If they have not already. He is only one of many who are able to truly express what it means and what it feels like to be one with spirit.

This album will be of great value to so many who study and practice meditation, yoga, Buddhism and other eclectic spiritual rituals.

After experiencing what the Tibetan Buddhists call “One Taste”, a meditative state where all things feel as if they become one with your body, Federico heard what he called the singing of children. An unheard melody that he felt from within that resonated to him as the calling to express this new found oneness.

This beautifully titled album “Descending” expresses the feeling and emotion of music with his voice, piano, and drumming. It brings you in to the total experience of oneness with yourself and the universe. It is truly an amazing collection of music.

This album is a collective of Federico’s soulful expression of harmony with the world. He served as director of music at Samadhi Integral in Massachusetts, USA, offering courses, workshops and performing concerts on what he likes to call “Sacred Voice”, his harmonic and integrative approach to singing.

His spiritually insightful and eclectically charged new solo album “Descending” follows the path of New Age/Ambient music as well as invokes an atmospheric type blanket that envelopes the listener. Deeply meditative and relaxing this album is high on the mark of healing and transcendental therapy.

Please see the links below to enjoy a small snippet of Federico’s music for yourself.

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Federico is originally from Argentina but in 2014 received his green card and now divides his time between Paris France and Boston MA, in the US.

Descending courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Descending courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

His musical education includes classical, harmonic, Taoist, and Armenian styles. In addition to his musical talents Federico has studied clinical psychology in both Paris and in the US. To assist him in his musical abilities he studied for over 12 years and practiced Buddhism with meditation.

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