Folk Artist Resurrection Fern Set To Release Her Newest Single “Savanna”

The first single from Fern’s soon to be released EP. Release date is set for September 13th. Recorded at the renowned Station West Studio right here in Nashville we know fans are anxiously awaiting its release.

Fern’s debut album was released in October of 2018 and is also available on all prominent digital platforms at this time. Both album and single are community funded and exceptionally received.

Artist Quote:

“This track means more to me than anything I’ve released before. Partially, because the songwriter is a close friend and I am humbled he entrusted me to share his art with the world. This is also the first time I’ve felt more personally connected to a song written by someone else than I am with my originals. Since I know the inspiration behind the song, and I love my friend very much, I have a larger cause than just myself in sharing it with the world.” ~Fern~

The past three years have been very busy for this thriving new artist as she has been at the forefront of a new wave online artistry. Her Twitch Channel, has received hundreds of fans each week as she shares her musical talents as an independent songwriter and performer.

This platform allows artists the ability to take their music past the live performances and small reach of cafes and clubs and move it into the technology age of laptops, mobile phones, televisions, and more all around the world.

Fern shares a deep intimacy through her music that reaches out to a world beyond just a live performance, you can see and hear her anywhere. Utilizing her own live channel and chat she has direct contact and can engage in a deeper relationship with her audience and her fans. It is more personable and allows a greater sharing of just the music such as stories, question and answer sessions and the simple pleasures of what’s known as “FernFarm.”

Review Quote: Heartfelt and engaging, “Savanna” puts the listener into spaces of roaring emotional interplay between her singing and careful guitar playing, talking about a certain kind of runaway blues that I feel and fear too many of us often do. ~Punchland~

Described as Folk and folk-pop, she has been likened to artists such as Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Nicks, Amy Lee, and Julia Stone.

This selection was produced by Kyle Manner and recorded in Nashville TN, on an independent label. The single if of course “Savanna” and you can enjoy a listen here:

This brave young woman has branched out toward making her dreams come true in a not so traditional way and I would say most definitely that she’s on the right track. Comments and posts from listeners around the world tell the story of how her songs have touched hearts, and the sound of her voice is inviting as it pulls you toward each and every word.

Press quote: She’s Jewel like, with a little Sarah McLachlan for good measure.  Her voice is delicate but powerful and the combined effect works brilliantly.  The song is simple, haunting and very, very catchy…loved it!!

The single is wholesome, love song and the lyrics are breathlessly accentuated with Fern’s lilting vocals. It takes a strong vocal artist to move in the higher range in such a way that it is so natural you never hear a change in a breath.

This is the first single release from the new EP coming out within the next two weeks.

For more information on Resurrection Fern and “Savanna” please visit the links below. All media links and photos are courtesy of Independent Music Promotions.

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Official Website
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