Folk Story Teller Benjamin Dean Wilson and “The Smartest Person In The Room”

Featuring some of the best progressive, folk sounds I’ve heard this year is the latest by Benjamin Dean Wilson, “The Smartest Person In The Room”….and it’s nice, very nice.

There are six tracks on this collection and each one stands out superbly on it’s on. He’s a story teller and boy does he tell some colorful stories with his music.

There’s a lot of folk country and splashes of bluegrass in this collection. He reminds me of other storytellers from days past like country artist Ray Stevens. There’s the fun element and the laughs are abundant. You’ll find something for sure in this collection that will be a favorite.

It’s filled with stories of true day to day life and is “real”….it’s about all the quirky things that happen to us and how we perceive it.

Others have referenced Wilson to artists like Weird Al Yankovic or the Kinks, and even as far back as the great story teller Ray Stevens whom I mentioned before, your gonna enjoy the carousel of humor, truth and color you’ll find in the musical fabric of Benjamin Dean Wilson.

I wasn’t sure where to begin in describing him to our fans but I finally found two words that fit, Napolean Dynamite. He is the Napolean Dynamite of the the cool folk music. He “is” so cool.

Wilson uses lyrics and music to paint a tapestry with your imagination. He uses the lyrics as a way of helping you imagine the story in a physical sense rather than on a canvas. Actually, he’s extremely smart…..the canvas “is” your imagination.

As you listen to the words you are drawn in to the story and it begins to develop in your minds eye. Genius.

“The Smartest Person In The Room” was recorded solely by Wilson. It was written, performed, and produced by Benjamin and was recorded in analog using a Tascam ½ inch tape deck. Each track is a lyrical canvas filled with unique and dazzling characters that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the outcome.

There is but one musician on this album and it’s Benjamin Dean Wilson with piano, keyboards, bass, drums, guitars, ukulele, organ, mandolin, harmonica, violin, percussion, bells and so much more. Guest artist was Maria Grigoryeva on fiddle on the song “The Smartest Person In The Room.”

He has been likened to Leonard Cohen, Randy Newman, The Divine Comedy and Adam Green.

Wilson actually began his career in the film industry working on commercials as a camera assistant before he decided on a music career. His first creation was “Small Talk” released through the German label Tapete Records which was followed by his European tour.

His accolades include “Small Talk” European Tour in 2016, His single “My Wife” hit on the Top Ten Best Songs of 2016 according to Rolling Stone Germany, His Single “Sadie and The Fat Man” garnered extensive air play in the German market and his single “So Cool” was highlighted on Gideon Coe’s Radio 6 Music BBC program.

Wilson is a creative genius. His technique of uses story telling to create masterful pieces of art is truly a unique gift. His work activates our inner most senses that are set apart from just looking at art or reading a book. It invites us to use our own imagination while listening to a kaleidoscope of colorful words painting a joyful portrait in our mind.

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