Former Mercury Recording Artist, Chris Caskey Joins the Double E Roster

Perry Edge, President of Double E Promotions is proud to announce the addition of former Mercury Nashville recording artist, Chris Caskey to the Double E roster. Double E Promotion's provides radio promotion services for Chris.

The son of self taught musicians, Bobby and Joyce Caskey, Kentucky native, Chris Caskey was exposed at an early age to Bluegrass and hard core Country Music, regularly attending KY dance halls and soaking up the live music atmosphere.

Following graduation, Chris would tour with several bands throughout KY and by the late 80’s, would begin perfecting his vocal skills, creating demos in his home studio. After sending his demos to Nashville Producers, Publishers and Record Labels, he caught the ear of Bob Stegall at Jen Eri Lin Music Publishing and made the move to Nashville.

The move would prove fateful, subsequently teaming him with Carson Chamberlain, whom would score an artist development deal for Chris with Mercury Records by 1998. Unfortunately, major labels can change artistic direction with the wind and regardless of his talent he would lose his development deal.

The disappointment carried Chris back home but the music didn’t stop. He continued to perform with various bands across KY and found himself being rediscovered nearly ten years later by Nashville’s Artist to the Stars, Corey Frizzell.

TCM Recording Artist Chris Caskey

Frizzell may be best known for his artistic collaboration with some of today’s biggest names in Country, Bluegrass and Gospel music but he also happens to have Country Music blood running through his veins. As the nephew of Country Stars, David & Lefty Frizzell and the son of Country Gospel Artist, Allen Frizzell, former husband to Shelly West, daughter of the late great Dottie West, Corey knows a great singer when he hears one. And that’s what he hears in KY native, Chris Caskey.

After first hearing Caskey at an event at the KY Music Hall of Fame in Aug of 09’, Frizzell quickly began working in Nashville to put a Chris Caskey project together. By November of this year Frizzell successfully attained investment and put together a winning team to record, market and promote Caskey, launching his first single “God’s Pocket” to radio, debuting in January of 2011 on TCM Records.

Double E Promotions, headquartered in Booneville, MS and ran by Perry and wife, Vikki Edge, have focused more on the Country and Gospel genres over the last couple years, witnessing the fruits of their labor as many of their clients songs have charted on national Christian m­usic charts, most rece­­­ntly promoting former Statler Brother, Jimmy Fortune’s single “In God We Trust” to number one on the Christian Voice Country Gospel Top 100 Chart for December of 2010, Cindy Hughlett’s single “Soar” to number one on the CGC Top 100 Chart for November of 2010, Country Gospel Great, Sandra Dee’s single, “Keep The Faith” to number one on the Christian Voice, Christian Country Top 100 Chart for June of 2010 and Jimmy Fortune’s “Wrote it In Red” to number one on the Christian Voice, Christian Country Top 100 Chart for December of 2009.


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  1. Chris Caskey absolutely has the voice that you want to share with all “real” country music fans! Chris, you are whats in “Gods Pocket”!! We Love You!!

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