Frizzell to Produce Keith Whitley Tribute Show with the Kentucky Blue Band Featuring TCM Records Artist, Chris Caskey & Original Miami Band Member, Randy Hayes

Keith Whitley Tribute Show at Pick's Nashville on May 13th, 2011


Nashville, TN – Nashville’s Artist to the Stars, Corey Frizzell is producing a Keith Whitley tribute show, presented by the Nashville Music Guide Magazine and performed by the group Kentucky Blue, to be held May 13th 2011, at the world famous Picks Nashville, formally known as the Hall of Fame Lounge and located on Division St in Nashville, TN. Kentucky Blue features original Keith Whitley Miami Band member, Randy Hayes and TCM Records Artist, Chris Caskey.  

Frizzell may be best known for his artistic collaboration with some of today’s biggest names in Country, Bluegrass and Gospel music but he also happens to have Country Music blood running through his veins. As the nephew of Country Stars, David & Lefty Frizzell and the son of Country Gospel Artist, Allen Frizzell, former husband to Shelly West, daughter of the late great Dottie West, Corey knows a great singer when he hears one. And that’s what he hears in KY native, Chris Caskey. 

After first hearing Caskey at an event at the KY Music Hall of Fame in Aug of 09’, Frizzell quickly began working in Nashville to put a Chris Caskey project together. By November of this year Frizzell successfully attained investment and put together a winning team to record, market and promote Caskey, launching his first single “God’s Pocket” to radio on TCM Records.


“The Whitley and Frizzell families go way back. Keith was a huge fan of uncle Lefty and recorded with my dad, Allen. It means a lot to me to be able to put this show on and pay tribute to such a great artist. Although Caskey has a single currently on the national radio charts and is recording his first solo album with Easton Corbin Producer, Carson Chamberlain, he’s also a perfect fit to front the Kentucky Blue band for this special Whitley tribute show. I can’t think of anyone else on the planet that could pay a better tribute to Whitley than Chris.” – Corey Frizzell


“When I do the tribute shows it’s not just a tribute, it’s also the band and I trying to keep Keith’s music and his memory alive and remind people about just how great of a singer he was. His tone, trills and emotion were the things that really set him way out in front of other singers and made me want to start singing. Being able to do these shows and seeing people really loving it is an honor. Being compared to Keith, who was in my opinion the greatest country singer ever, is a big shoe to fill but a great compliment to me and my singing.” – Chris Caskey


“I’d have to say Keith was probably the finest person I’d ever met, always a smile and a laugh. He was always playing pranks on the band members and they seemed to fall for it everytime. I learned early after my first encounter with the Whitley humor. But it was a damn good one. I truly loved the man and he loved me. There’ll always be a huge hole in my heart.” – Randy Hayes


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