Fully Loaded Captures the Best of Old and New Country

Fully Loaded cropAs I have been spending a few weeks in Ohio, I have had the opportunity to hear some artists and bands I don’t normally have the chance to see perform live. One of these bands has particularly stood out.

I first saw Fully Loaded perform at J.D. Legends in Franklin, Ohio on July 4 and I had another opportunity to watch the band play at the same venue last night. Fully Loaded is made up of Jason Land, Ben Sergent, Dave Jenkins and Mike Risk. The band hasn’t been playing live for long, but I couldn’t tell that from watching them. The guys in the band are experienced and the combination of them works very well together.

Land, a North Carolina native, is the lead singer and he clearly has spent many nights on a stage. His command of the stage and his audience is impressive. He has strong vocals that can easily sing classic country, new country or classic rock.

Another thing that sets Fully Loaded apart is the collection of songs. There is a balance of new and old, which caters to different tastes in a very diverse genre of music. I really enjoyed hearing songs like “Copperhead Road” and “Family Tradition” being played with songs from artists like Blake Shelton and Frankie Ballard. Classic rock songs like “Turn The Page” also nice additions.

The band continues to improve their sets by adding more and more songs. They are getting ready to incorporate some original songs into their sets. As good as this band is playing cover music, I can only imagine the addition of original songs could only that the appeal of their music to another level.

I expect to see and hear more from Fully Loaded. More information about the band can be found at the Fully Loaded Band page on Facebook.


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