Germany’s Hottest Rockers release self titled album “The Blue Poets”

The Blue Poets courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
The Blue Poets courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
The Blue Poets courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

I must say that I’ve reviewed quite a few bands over the last few years from most every genre but never one like German blues/rock group The Blue Poets. Strong, fiery, and deep bluesy lyrics and guitar rifts fill the air with passion and a magical essence.

Unbelievably one of the top blues/rock bands of 2016 and one to be watched for sure for 2017.

“With Your Eyes” is filled with driven electric guitar to the point I had chills. I’ve been told that when I have chills….it’s a hit.

Marcus Deml is by far one of the most talented guitar players I’ve heard. I would put him in the class with Stevie Ray Vaughn and Eric Clapton. He is a master guitarist and winner of the American Guitar Player Magazine’s Guitar Hero Award and former member of the group Errorhead. He has contributed his talents to more than 300 studio projects and founded his own label, Triple Coil Music.

The Blue Poets courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
The Blue Poets courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

The group is based in Hamburg Germany but has amassed a huge following around the world. Their 70’s style rock and blues mix is pure gold. Holding a solid spot with artists such as Lenny Kravitz and Hendrix these guys mean business and they prove it with every note.

In a behind the scenes video I was able to see the more personal side of the band. Marcus spoke of some deep personal trials and troubles and how it effected his music and the passion behind using his music as a healing process. Damn good healing process for me too, I must have a copy of this CD. Their personalities meld together like honey and the intense energy in every song can not be denied.

Vocals are edgy, attractive and confident. Gordon Grey is confident and strong in his delivery and the conviction in his voice expresses the meaning behind each lyric with precision.

The Blue Poets courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
The Blue Poets courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

I was extremely impressed with their interpretation of track five “Sunshine of Your Love” as it brought about memories of the seventies and early eighties. It’s the cover of Creams most prolific song. As soon as the vocals came in I was covered with chills. Deep, bluesy and sultry. Then hard hitting guitar and bass rifts with a hard hitting set of beats from Phil Steen had me jumping in my seat. Pardon my candor but….Damn.

Instrumentation is phenomenal and superb. Lyrics speak of real life events and emotions. The sincere expression in each note, each lyric and melody is of a raw and genuine texture that is original and exciting to enjoy. Marcus Deml, Felix Dehmel, and Phil Steen perform with a classic feel entwined with the vocals of Gordon Grey.

There is a high spirit of Utopian brilliance to this group. You’ll never be bored or put aside the album until you hear every note. It will keep you rocking and grooving with your friends to the wee hours of the morning and then you’ll come back for more.

For your viewing pleasure we are including the following video of “With Your Eyes.” It’s a heart touching song about finding true love.

All material on this album is powerful and could easily stand on it’s own as a single release but together they are pure magic.

All songs on this album were written and produced by Marcus Deml, with the exception of “Sunshine of Your Love which was written by Bruce, Baker and Brown. Accolades for the group include opening for Walter Trout, Foreigner, Freak Kitchen, and Randy Hansen. All tracks were recorded and mixed at Toolhouse Studio on analog tape and recorded live. This is the real stuff, no computers, no synthetic tricks. It was all made possible by the perfect accompaniment of four exceptionally talented artists.

“This album is my therapy” ~Marcus Deml~


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