Ghost Hounds Open for Rolling Stones in Nashville

As the first few lines of the Ghost Hounds’ song Fire Under Water soared through Nissan Stadium on Saturday night, you could feel the energy in the air spark. That spark quickly roared to an energetic fire of blues and rock that didn’t stop until the last firework at the end of the night.

Fans of all ages were quickly up in their seats and dancing around as the Ghost Hounds’ set went from one jam to the next.

Photo by Catrina Engelby

The Pittsburgh based sextet easily set the tone for the night with a mixture of songs from their recently released sophomore album A Little Calamity, and debut album Roses Are Black.

One song in particular, Good Old Days seemed to really resonate with fans about living in the moment and not letting it go to waste while it is here.

It is also worth mentioning Half My Fault, Ghost Hounds’ most recent single, seemed to make the audience want to get up and dance as well.

The name Ghost Hounds may sound familiar to some as the band previously has opened for anyone from Bob Seger to ZZ Top.

The Ghost Hounds are no strangers to The Rolling Stones and their fans either as the band supported the Stones back in 2019. Ghost Hounds will be opening for the ‘No Filter’ North American tour for 5 dates total tonight’s show in Nashville, with the last one being October 29th in Tampa, FL.

You can find all tour information and more regarding Ghost Hounds on their website at

Story and photos by Catrina Engelby

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