Gloriana to Release New Album Three

glorianaEight years in the making, Gloriana is a band forged by hard work and perseverance. Enduring circumstances that would have torn many artists apart, Gloriana has not only survived; they’ve thrived. On June 2, Gloriana will release their first new album in three years. THREE is a reflection of their triumphs and challenges along their journey as a band.

Gloriana’s Rachel Reinert and Mike and Tom Gossin returned to the studio with Grammy Award winning producer Matt Serletic to create their highly-anticipated new album, THREE, featuring the Top 25 and climbing lead single, “Trouble.” To celebrate the release of THREE, starting today fans who pre-order the new record at iTunes will have instant access to three songs from the album, followed by another three tracks on May 26.

Gloriana – THREE – track listing:
1.“Trouble”* (Rachel Reinert/Mike Gossin/Jon Nite/Ross Copperman)
2. “Ain’t Runnin’ Outta Summer”** (Tom Gossin/Mike Gossin/Ross Copperman)
3.  “Are You Ready” (Tom Gossin/Josh Kear)
4.  “Nobody But You”** (Eric Paslay/Dylan Altman/Will Hoge)
5.  “It’s On Tonight”* (Tom Gossin/Mike Gossin/Danny Myrick/Rachel Proctor)
6.  “Fight” (Catt Gravitt/Gerald O’Brien/John King)
7.  “Wanna Get To Know You”* (Rachel Reinert/Tom Gossin/Ross Copperman)
8.  “Let’s Take A Shot “(Mike Gossin/Rachel Reinert/Danny Myrick)
9.  “Get Back That Goodbye” (Rachel Reinert/Mike Gossin/Jon Nite/Jimmy Robbins)
10. “Lighters”** (Tom Gossin/Rachel Reinert/Ross Copperman)
11. “It Won’t Let Go”    (Mike Gossin/Tom Gossin/Danny Myrick)
12. “My Somebody” (Lucie Silvas/Jon Green/Jeremy Spillman)
*May 19 tracks available with pre-order
**May 26 tracks available with pre-order
About Gloriana:
The award-winning vocal group Gloriana will release their new album THREE on June 2, 2015, which includes the current Top 25 single, “Trouble.” Featuring Rachel Reinert and brothers Tom and Mike Gossin, Gloriana earned an American Music Award for Breakthrough Artist of the Year in 2009, Academy of Country Music Top New Vocal Group in 2010 and Bilboard’s Top Country Artists of 2010. Gloriana’s previous releaseA Thousand Miles Left Behind debuted at #2 on the Billboard Country Album Chart and featured “(Kissed You) Goodnight,” which was certified Platinum by the R.I.A.A., one of ASCAP’s Top 5 Performed songs for 2013 and the 8th most played song in Country Radio for 2012. Gloriana has appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ellen, Good Morning America, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the White House, and more.

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