Halsey Plays Nashville on World Tour 2018

The stage turns a vivid crimson as the bass kicks in and the amphitheater jumps to their feet. We all know this is it. Halsey is just on the other side of the towering white drape, teasing her silhouette as it’s time for the Hopeless Fountain Kingdom Tour to take Nashville by storm.

Reciting The Prologue to the album, the drape descends in one quick sweep and Halsey, perched high atop a stage of stairs, starts with Eyes Closed.  Fans screamed in excitement, as this is the third track on Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.

Dawning a white vail over gorgeous, blue hair Halsey became engulfed with smoke setting an incredibly epic scene. With blue, red, orange and white lighting the aesthetics were beautifully cohesive and that of her album art.

What really stood out to me was the moment Halsey took to let her fans know how much she appreciates them and how honored she is to have been invited into their lives. She’s very close to her supporters and never forgets a fan she has met. With that she transitioned into Sorry, track seven on Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, as thousands of cell phone lights lit up the venue.

I was so excited when she performed New Americana, as it is the first Halsey song I ever heard, hooking me immediately as a fan. For Hurricane the stage and backdrop rained with flashes of lighting and stormy skies. Other than being joined on stage here and there by her dancer, TeeTee, Halsey gives a powerful, solo performance.  She’s an incredible artist and force. An activist, very outspoken and supportive of the LGTB community, her performance of Strangers was accompanied by a video of diverse couples sharing intimate moments.

As before when I first saw Halsey 2 years ago, she gives a show leaving everyone with an experience to remember. If you haven’t entered the kingdom yet I highly recommend you get your tickets now for the remaining dates. This is not a tour you want to miss!

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/HalseyMusic/

Review by Alexandra Arielle

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