Henry Wagons "Expecting Company?" Album Review

henry wagonsHenry Wagons of the Australia Band “Wagon Redies” debuted his new album “Expecting Company” January 22nd with a US tour to follow.
If Outlaw Country is your genre of music I would highly recommend taking a listen to this new album. Twisted country with the essence that one minute you are listening to the likes of Johnny Cash and the next you are tuned in to Black Sabbath.
In a prior interview Henry reveals that most of the songs on this new album were written in a slightly altered state, coming from a far different place and representing all the different vibes and voices of his own battle to represent a “oneness” to all the many voices in his head.
With his uncommon compromise of doing things a little outside the norm, this album represents a translucent and very gifted musician that somewhere within the lyrics is a man who has mastered his own voice and sets the stage for an unforgettable and formidable show.
Expecting Company? is a very deep almost “Einstein” level of understanding what lies deep within the human mind. From his opening track “Unwelcome Company”, he toy's and embellishes his friend's rat infested apartment — a duet with his long time friend Allison Mosshart. His final track which is the only song on the album that is not a duet “MaryLou Two”; Henry explains that this song  is about loss and solitude.
Henry portrays each song on this album on so many different levels and invokes a desire to get to know the man behind the lyrics.
Henry Wagons will bring bring the explosion of his new album with all the twists and turns to Nashville with his first show at the Loveless Barn on February 20 and a second show at the Mercy Lounge on March 7th.
If unexpected is what your looking for then pick up a copy of Expecting Company?; better yet mark your calender and stop on in to one of his shows after all he will be Expecting Company.
Vocals-6  |  Production-6  |  Musicianship-6  |  Lyrics-5  |  Melody-5  |  Originality-6
Reviewed by: Lynette Lorenz