‘I Can’t Love You!

Written by Krys Midgett
Picture a four-year-old girl on stage for the first time. That was Amanda Pruitt belting out ‘Have Mercy’ by The Judds.
From there, she sang ‘Amazing Grace’ and the National Anthem a lot during her childhood, as well. Pruitt also loved to sing in church. Her belief in God is one of the key factors in following her ‘dream’.
As an adult, her children keep her pushing forward. She has only been in Nashville for less than a year but has surrounded herself with a supportive team. They believe in her mission to ‘bring people hope through music.’
Pruitt says, “I‘ve had so many ups and downs in this business and all the ups have been highlights. When moving to Nashville five months ago, I really have been pushing hard to be noticed in this town. I have a team of folks who believe in me and believe in my mission of “bringing people hope through music” such as Randy Matthews, the owner of Nashville Music Guide, Jamie and Kyran Creasy of Melody Roundup Music and Cilene    Bosch of Women of Music, Music of Women. These folks have loved on me from the day we all first met and they have inspired me to just keep making music. I want to leave a legacy behind for my kids and my ultimate highlight will be the day The good Lord sends me home and I can look down on my kiddos continuing the legacy of bringing people hope! Life just strait up sucks at times…Music has definitely been my personal highlight to bring me back to reality!”
As with most musicians who come to Nashville, Pruitt would love to play the Grand Ole Opry, see her name in lights and play big stadiums, but that isn’t her primary goal. 
“My ultimate goal is to make a living doing what I love-music! Although I’d love to have my name in big lights, I’m ok with just making people smile when my sound touches them and also being able to help put bread in the table,” says Pruitt.
It is a goal that she is willing to work for, because this industry can have many obstacles. Not only do you have to have the talent, you have to know the right people and be in the right place at the right time. And you have to get them to take you seriously.
“As a woman in this business, it’s HARD! Venues don’t want to hire women because they don’t think we can BRING IT, some folks don’t like working with women because they assume “were moody” or “were too opinionated”. The struggle is real and I’ve had to take less pay just to prove myself to some folks. But once I put foot on their stage and the music begins to put out of my body- they usually want me back and are ready to pay me my worth,” says Pruitt. “I’ve auditioned over 10 times for many big talent searches and every single time, they’ve told me that I wasn’t what they were looking for. I’ve been shoved in the dirt over and over again by not only the music industry but by my closest friends and family…but the human in me just wants to prove them all wrong. Those are some of my motivations but I’m quite a humble person because of my personal struggles. I’ll get where I’m supposed to be on Gods time- not mine! Believe me…that sucks because I want it sooo bad right now! Unfortunately, this business doesn’t work that way. I’m learning daily to just keep playing and I pray that the ball will eventually land in my court.”
They say this is a 10 to 15 year town, but, with her talent and her team, she may likely have that ball land in her court before she knows it.
Meanwhile, she will keep pushing forward and has a new EP coming out.
‘Strong’ is a six song EP thatis filled with a little of everything she needed to say. 
Story about a song on this album. The songs consist of storytelling of love, heartbreak, determination, struggle and surrender. The entire project tells a story from the beginning to the end.
Pruitt tells about one of the songs, “I’m absolutely in love with ‘I Can’t Love You!’ The simplicity of the song and the lyrics will literally grab you at the first note of the beautiful piano. The song written by myself and Gerald Smith, was written at a very lonely time of my life and the hook just captures you.”
Be looking for the EP at www.amandapruitt.com.  available on June 3, 2017Photography by Cilene Bosch
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