hosue ofcards1House of Cards, an illusion themed elevated dining experience, will open at 119 Third Avenue South in Nashville Tennessee on April 9 offering diners an authentic 1930’s style speakeasy among a crafted environment of magic artifacts and antiques. This 9,500 square feet build out beneath the Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline Museums will feature magicians steeped in the art of deception with each reservation including a ticket to the nightly magic shows in the 50 seat showroom.

“We’re here for the long haul and we decided to do something completely unique by locating a world-class speakeasy, restaurant and bar in the basement of the Johnny Cash Museum,” says Founder Bill Miller.  “We are very excited to bring fellow Nashvillians into this beautiful environment and back into downtown. Many people have a misconception of magic. When you visit and see the expertise of these magicians, you will be blown away.  Plus, I really enjoyed the discovery of curating this rare playing card collection including a card that dates back to 1490.”

Additional details on House of Cards can be found below:

Opening Date: Monday, April 9, 2018

Address: 119 Third Avenue South, Lower Level, Nashville, TN 37201

Hours: Bar (5 PM – 12 AM), Dinner (6 PM – 11 PM)

Reservations (required): www.hocnashville.com/reservations

Phone: (615) 730-8326

Website: www.hocnashville.com



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  • 9,500 square feet space built underground, beneath the Johnny Cash Museum.
  • An extremely rare antique playing card collection featuring cards from around the world.
  • The oldest card is from Germany and dates to 1490.
  • Rare vintage magic posters celebrating the world’s greatest magicians.
  • A handcuff device created, owned and used by Harry Houdini known as “The King Breaker.”
  • Collection of European and American antiques; some dating to the 18th century.
  • Private dining room named after world renowned magician Harry Blackstone Sr. who once headlined at the Ryman and was a member of The Nashville Magic Club.
  • Magic Showroom featuring multiple live performances each night.
  • Magicians performing on the restaurant floor at all times.
  • Cuisine featuring classic American fare and special Chef creations
  • Bar featuring one of the most comprehensive liquor and cocktail selections in Nashville.
  • Cigar humidor and private cigar lockers.
  • Climate controlled outdoor patio featuring a 15’ x 19’ water feature.
  • Ceilings in restrooms feature pure 24 karat gold leaf.

About House of Cards

House of Cards is Nashville’s newest and most unique dining and entertainment experience. Located underground in a one-of-a-kind 9,500 square foot space, the venue offers an evening for guests unlike any other in the history of the South. Once guests are greeted, they begin a journey via a secret tunnel which leads to a magical world that has been characterized as “indescribable” by anyone who’s visited. From the beautiful handcrafted bar, to the multimillion dollar collection of art, European antiques and magic-related artifacts, the interior is the result of four years of design, planning and artisanship resulting in an authentic, speakeasy ambience reminiscent of the 1930’s. House of Cards celebrates the art of magic, classic American cuisine and fine, hand-crafted cocktails under one roof. Guests are encouraged to explore the dining room to enjoy the rare collections and be entertained by some of America’s top magicians who are stationed throughout the venue to provide mind boggling illusions and tricks all evening long. To further enhance the experience, House of Cards has a dress code and no-photography policy to ensure the privacy of guests. Reservations are required and include complimentary tickets to the magic performances in the showroom.

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