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Women of Music Music of Women

Women in Music Wednesday Partners with NMG to Feature Female Artists: Eileen Carey, Jen Foster and Cat Beach.

Written by Katharine W. Poole

For Women of Music Music of Women

In the upcoming months of 2016, Women in Music Wednesdays will highlight some of Nashville’s transient talent.  Women with careers that span from the East to West Coasts, but always bring them back to Music City.


Eileen Carey leads an amazing performance career based out of LA.  This multi award winning Singer-Songwriter is a positive force to be reckoned with. Her most recent album – Let it Go contains both eighties covers and her own positive messages of trust, belief and moving on. Her video Faith is like a combo of Country and British Eighties Pop.  The message is to women  – “C’mon girls have a little faith in you…” – don’t stay in a relationship that weighs you down.  The song’s upbeat tempo is in direct contrast with the Emo girls pining away for love in the video story line. The juxtaposition between images of the band and the tale of the characters drive the message home with kind clarity. In all her music, including a Line-dancing style Bottle Your Crazy Up, Eileen carries a 10,000 Maniacs meets Katrina and the Waves influence underneath the Country styling.

Eileen is versatile in her career and artistry – In true LA style, she has a substantial acting career – proving this woman is a multi-talented and motivated creator.

Eileen visits Nashville regularly throughout the year, with a standing gig at Tootsie’s on Lower Broad during CMA Fest. Check out Eileen and her music at

Jen Foster

The soft full depth of Jen Foster’s voice sends shivers up the spine, as she covers the Journey hit Faithfully (Jonathan Cain) in a video of unique phrasing and heartfelt ache.  This stunning voice carries through all her work.  She has written with some of Nashville’s best – Pam Tillis, Greg Barnhill and Kristen Hall to name a few.  Jen writes about awareness, acceptance and the beauty of love.  She is a reflective and spiritual poet. Her own Song – Venice Beach – the theme for the Emmy award winning web series VENICE is a folky ballad about “spinning all your wheels” in a running toward nothing kind of way – searching for a love that is right there waiting.  This songstress has a way of phrasing vocals to make the audience think.  Her sound is a beautiful blend of pop and folk.  This is Me is the stunning triumphant call-out to a world of family and truth. “You and I have come this far.  I guess it’s time.”  Lyrics that leave the listener with the reflection of mirrored realization and a desire for acceptance.  Foster not only writes and performs music, but shares her gift and knowledge through hosting songwriter events, sitting on the board of NSAI and as a record producer.  From LA to Nashville Jen’s award-winning music is featured in film and television and the gift of live performance.

You can catch Jen Foster with Seth Glier for a private house concert January 31st @ 7:00PM – $15 tickets are limited for this special event.  Contact for details


Cat Beach arguably possesses one of the most unique and distinctive vocal presences in Nashville.  She is joyous both on and off the stage.  The strength of her fit lifestyle and confident kindness fills a venue with musical power.  She has a camaraderie with her fans and her band that is contagious.  Her voice is deep, full and bluesy.  A little Kim Carnes: Bette Davis Eyes (D. Weiss & J. DeShannon) – a little Alannah Myles: Black Velvet (D. Tyson & C. Ward) – and a bit Mary Chapin Carpenter.

Her 2009 Love Me Out Loud is an awesome title for this singer – she spreads hers loud and clear!  She’s worked with some of music’s finest – including: Lee Sklar and Dean Parks.

Cat recently recorded a song Soul Shine Pizza, a song that give a shout-out to a local Nashville joint ‘cause “…everybody knows that’s were its at.”  The stunning Cat also demonstrates confident humor in her writing that only adds to the energy of her stage presence and recording –  Does This Groove Make My Butt Look Big – lyrics and music that match the gorgeous strength of her voice with: “I want a big fat sound…”  She’s got it!  Bold. Beautiful. Beach!


Katharine Poole is a published Poet, Playwright, Singer/Songwriter originally from Martha’s Vineyard.  Creative & promotional writing are the basis of her background.  Kate’s plays have won a number of awards, including the honor of presenting an original musical, The Secret of the Seven Sisters, at the 2010 Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is currently completing a novel while freelancing.


Cilene Bosch President and Founder of WMMW established Women of Music Music of Women in 2000 to support, promote and connect women in the music industry.

Women of Music Music of Women is an alliance for women in the music industry to network, support, promote, and recognize the many talented women in the industry by bringing them together with all aspects to include artists, attorneys, agents, managers, artist development, label execs, publishers, media, songwriters, past present and future talent to discuss and address the issues that concern women in the industry.

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