Jack Greene – “Precious Memories, Treasured Friends”

Jack GreeneThe following is a track listing of Jack Greene’s new CD, “Precious Memories, Treasured Friends,” which is as good as it gets in the world of real country music.  I have listened to my friends CD over and over and he is as good as he ever has been since the day the name Jack Greene came on the scene with a song on an Ernest Tubb album, “Last Letter.” E.T. knew Jack was destined for stardom, and he is one of country music’s super voices, still going strong as ever today.  I am going to try to write my feelings on this Jack Greene CD and the artists and musicians who have joined him to make memories with his friends.

1. Two Old Cats Like Us (With George Jones)

Two ole cats is right, but these two cats are singing at their best.  When I first started listening to this song, I thought, maybe Jack should not have put this song out, but all it took was the first words out of their mouths to know that I was in for one of the best rides in country music, from two of the greats of all time.  They went back and forth with great lines, and you could tell that this was a fun song for Jack and George.  This song sets the stage for the rest of the CD, and this is the first release.  DJ’s who are real country are playing the fire out of this track, because it takes us back to hear the music the way it was, and Jack put the way it was back into the music of today.  Congrats to these Two Ole Cats.

2. You Don’t Know Me (With Lorrie Morgan)

Now this song will scare you to hears such beautiful music by these two giants.  Lorrie sang with Jack so great that it hard to realize that this song is not pure country, but after their two voices joined together to make it country by Greene and Morgan.  The feelings that came off of this track were emotional feelings of two friends making awesome music, no matter where the song came from.  Just listening to this song, made me know how proud they were to sing together.  You can dance to night away with your sweetheart listening to this song and believing every word that Jack and Lorrie sang.  Super great job.  Worth the price of the CD.

3. There’s A Whole Lot About A Woman (With Vince Gill)

Now here is where I lost my composure.  I remember doing this song when I was touring with my band.  I thought then that this was one of the most awesome songs that Jack Greene ever recorded, and I believe that today.  But when I heard Jack and Vince together singing one of the best written songs I have listened to, I played it until I almost wore the CD out on this one song.  The steel guitar intro will blow your mind.  In fact I am listening to this song as I write my review.  Jack sings the first verse and sings his b-tt off, Vince then sings, I mean really sings the 2nd verse and then joins Jack on all harmonies.  If you feel like two-stepping, this is your song.  It comes from the catalog of Jack Greene’s hits and music.  Jack Greene and Vince Gill made magic on this song.  I know Vince loved doing this song because of the song and the production.  This is Marty Martel’s favorite, because I love this kind of music.  Jack Greene and Vince doing harmony and solo’s back and forth-doesn’t get any better.  GO OUT AND BUY IT RIGHT NOW AND YOU WILL HEAR REAL TRADITIONAL COUNTRY MUSIC.  How can you go wrong with Jack Greene and his friends singing such awesome songs-two giants in country music.

4. The Last Letter (With Merle Haggard)

Scary is the only word I can use on the vocals of Jack and Hag.  Merle sings the first verse with so much feeling, it almost tears your heart out.  Just when you think you are happy you have this CD, then Jack sings the second verse and you are blown away.  Haggard sings this song with Jack as if it is the Last Letter and you get the feeling that the story they are telling is a part of their life’s.  Is it possible that we are listening to a song coming alive with these two great voices.  It was great back with Ernest Jack, but it is awesome now.  Jack and Hag show how feelings can be put into songs, which they have done on the Last Letter.  A sad song, but the pleasure of listening to a sad song with a beer in your hand, and letting your mind go down memory lane, maybe even without a beer, you will find that you have just listened to the greatness of these two artists.  Thanks for allowing us in your world Jack and Hag.  It lets us know that you believe in saving country music and with this CD you made great strides to bring us to realization that we can do it again.

5. Lord, I Need Somebody Bad Tonight (With Charley Pride)

Mel Street wrote this song, and Jack and LeeAnn asked Charley Pride to join Jack to sing with him, and they made the perfect choice.  Another hit from the catalog of Jack Greene, and he is superb in putting new life into this great song, and when you add Charlie Pride to any song, you have created an awesome piece of work.  Charlie was at his best and through all of this song, I felt like I was listening to today’s hit music.  Knowing I was not, just made believe that country music could be again if radio would just let it happen.  There is plenty of room to play pure country music as you listen to these songs, and also a place for the new music, but when you listen to songs like this, you can hear what we are missing so badly.  Jack Greene and his friends have put their hearts and souls into this CD and I am hoping with all of my heart that country radio will say, the hell with it, WE ARE GOING TO PLAY THIS CD BECAUSE IT NEEDS TO BE PLAYED.

6. Waltz Across Texas (With Jeannie Seely)

This is going to be easy to give my review on this song.  First of all the song comes from Jack’s ole boss, Ernest Tubb.  It was a monster hit for E.T., and now Jack is joined by his singing partner Jeannie Seely, and together they are back singing as great as ever.  These two voices no doubt could be the two best ever put together on record and on a live stage, and they prove it on their special duet of Waltz Across Texas.  You can sense Jack is so happy to be singing with Jeannie again, and she was thrilled to be singing with Jack Greene again, and this song proves why she is called Miss Country Soul.  Never before have I heard two voice blend together like Jack and Jeannie.  Yeah, I know there are other duets, but this is my review and it what I am hearing.  I know these two giants in country music and I know that country music might never have another duet such as Jack Greene and Jeannie Seely, so I am going to keep Waltzing Across Texas.  From E.T., his protégé Jack Greene, and Jack’s duet partner Jeannie Seely, they are breathing new life back into this great song.  I say let’s hear a complete CD of Jack Greene and Jeannie Seely.

7. Bitter They Are (With Larry Gatlin)

I remember also doing this song in my shows when I was touring.  If they would have done this song back then, I would have never attempted to do it.   They have put the golden icing on this Larry Gatlin song.  Larry was at the top of his game with his vocals, and it is easy to tell how special this song is to Jack because he poured his heart and soul into every word that he sang.  I am not sure what prompted Larry to write this song, but the story was touched with the two super voices Jack Greene and Larry Gatlin.  I would say they have put the finishing touches on Bitter They Are, but I would have loved to hear the four part harmony of Rudy, Steve, Larry, and Jack together.  Jack and Larry together put their signatures on this song forever.  Bitter They Are has never sounded any sweeter than on this CD with Jack Greene and his friends.

8. Don’t You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me

This is vintage Jack Greene.  Another one of my show songs done to let them fill the dance floors all over the country.  When they would request the song, they would always asked me if I would sing the Jack Greene song “Don’t You Ever Get Tired of Hurting Me.  Jack Greene and his music made my career last a lot longer than I expected.  There is only one person that this song belongs to, and that is Jack Greene.  Although it was done by several artists, Jack is the main man for this song.  He makes a believer of the words he sings.  Ballads can be difficult to capture if not sang with all heart and soul, and that never happens when Jack Greene sings.  He makes you feel that he is hurting by the story of the song, and you can hear the magic of Jack Greene’s voice in each word of this song.  Whattya say we two-step around the dance floor!!!!!

9. San Antonio Rose/Roly Poly Medley (With Riders In The Sky)

Two country music standards sung by two great country music standards, Jack Greene and Riders In The Sky.  Jack always loved this music and because he comes from that great era, he made sure that he chose the perfect singing partners to join him in these two great songs.  Jack and LeeAnn have put this CD together as close to perfect as it could ever be.  Jack and the Riders have filled these songs with the joy that they have brought to the millions over the years, and this will just add to the life of San Antonio Rose & Roly Poly.  Jack holds the tradition of country music and western swing deep in his heart and on these two songs he has made sure that these songs continue to live on as part of his career and the history of country music, done the Jack Greene way with his special friends Riders In The Sky.  Awesome, awesome.

10. You Are My Treasure (With Little Jimmy Dickens and Helen Cornelius)

Jack and his dear friends Little Jimmy Dickens and Helen Cornelius have made this song the treasure of this CD.  With Helen lending her beautiful vocals to this song, it made the treasure priceless, and then to have Jimmy Dickens reciting a verse makes this CD an immediate collector’s item, and to think I have a copy to listen to.  The voices of these three super artists have made this song come alive again, and the worth of having it on this CD cannot be put into words.  By the time you get to this song, you will think that there cannot be anything better than what you have already heard, but “surprise,” you will know that you have are listening to possibly a lost art in the music industry-COUNTRY MUSIC BY COUNTRY MUSIC ARTIST’S. Jack Greene is leaving us with Precious Memories with all of his friends, and I am sure he could have recorded two more CD’s with friends.  You Are Our Treasure Jack Greene.  Thanks LeeAnn for your vision and for securing Jack’s legacy in country music, but in my heart Jack Greene has put his legacy in order, and you LeeAnn made sure it is locked up for life, and we thank you for allowing all of country music to share his music on this CD.  BTW, this song was written by one of the all time great writers in country music, Cindy Walker.

11. Walking The Floor

Hear ye, hear ye.  This song written by Ernest Tubb, the Texas Troubadour.  This song was his calling card and now Jack has taken this song paid tribute to the man who helped make the name of Jack Greene a household word.  Jack loved E.T. and this CD would never had been complete without “Walking The Floor”included.  Jack made sure that Leon Rhodes brought the Troubadour touch to the song with the signature guitar playing that makes the name Ernest Tubb still ring with the special notes that tell you Ernest is here in spirit with Jack, and I think that Jack knows E.T. is listening, not only to this song, but the complete CD.  In case you might not remember, Jack Greene was the drummer for Ernest Tubb and The Texas Troubadours and Ernest watched him become a bright star in country music, and Jack has never forgotten what his time with E.T. meant to him, and this tribute to his mentor gives thanks for his great time with the great Ernest Tubb.  With this CD we are privileged to hear one of the true great vocalist of all time in country music.  Jack, E.T. is so proud of you and we all are.

12. Statue Of A Fool

Hmmmm.  What could I possibly say about “Statue Of A Fool.”  There is not enough time or room in this review to say what this song has meant to Jack and to our country music.  It is the theme song of Jack Greene.  We have all sang the song, from the legends in country music to the new superstars, and all of the country bands around the world, because we all wanted it to be our song, but it was my friend Jack Greene’s signature song.  Oh yes, just one of his signature songs, but this song was so special in what it said.  When you have the opportunity to see one of Jack’s shows, you will hear this song at the end of the show as a part of a medley, and you will then know why he is attached to this song forever in time.  Jan Crutchfield wrote this standard, but Jack Greene gave it life and you will see why standing ovations are part of Jack Greene’s Show.  Statue Of A Fool was written as almost a perfect story of a fool in love.  The Jack Greene touch was added to the song, and the rest is country music history.  This is the last song of this CD, but it is Jack Greene at his best, and he is solo on this as it should be.  Congrats Jack, this is a fabulous CD and please, please record more CD’s with your friends and give us more Precious Memories with your Treasured Friends.

Now it is time to thank everyone who made this Jack Greene project a reality.  I know for a fact that LeeAnn Lallone put her heart and soul into making this a memory of all memories for Jack.  She has been his guidance, his friend, our friend, and I know how tough it was at times to get everything organized to make this project happen.  Her belief in Jack Greene is a commitment not many make, but LeeAnn never stepped back and after you listen to Jack Greene and his friends, you will know your collection of country music will never be complete unless you add a copy of these memories to your collection.  Thanks LeeAnn.  I know you are proud and we are thankful that you never gave up, and stayed the course.  I know as well as many  others, how long and hard you have worked to complete this CD, and you have now treated us to a special time in country music.

To all of the musicians, Pretty World Records, the recording studios, and to everyone who helped make this CD a reality, I applaud you.  I know each of you, and I am so happy you were a part of this piece of history for Jack Greene.  You made sure that his comfort zone was within your working area.  When everyone purchases a copy of this record, they will see the great musicians that helped make this CD something special for someone really special.  Thanks to all of you.

When quality work like this is released, there is no greater joy than to share it with the world.  We as the listener now have a piece of work from an amazing artist who has graced the world with his music for years.  With the help of a few friends, great producers, and some world class musicians, everyone can enjoy “Precious Memories, Treasured Friends.”  If you would like more information, go to www.JackGreeneOpry.com .  This is a must have record for your collection.



By: Marty Martel | martymartel@earthlink.net