Justin Foutz, 2010 Los Angeles Music Awards “Country Artist Of The Year” Gets On a Roll!

Justin Foutz, 2010 Los Angeles Music Awards “Country Artist Of The Year” Winner, Set To Perform At Debut Of Michelle Murray's “Taylor Street Vodka” Product Launch

FoutzBEVERLY HILLS, CA- Justin Foutz, rising guitarist/singer/songwriter fresh off his win as “Country Artist of the Year” in the 2010 (20th Annual) Los Angeles Music Awards, performs tomorrow night, Tuesday, October 19, at SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, at the launch of country singer/actress Michelle Murray's Signature Cocktail and her authentic vodka brand “Taylor Street Vodka.”

Foutz achieved his hard-fought LA Music Awards victory at tthe recent LAMA Voting Party over five very worthy competitors in his category. He also finished second in the “Country Album of the Year” category for his self-titled CD. As a result of winning “Country Artist of the Year,” Justin will walk the Red Carpet at the 20th Annual L.A. Music Awards Main Event, November 18 at the Paramount Theater on the storied Paramount Studios Lot in Hollywood.

“I never follow my set list,” Foutz says about his live shows, no two of which are ever the same. “I might launch from (Elvis Presley's) “Mystery Train” into one of my own songs, and straight into (Johnny Cash's) “Folsom Blues.” Foutz's self-described “Stevie Ray Vaughan -meets-Brad Paisley-type solos” will bring even the most jaded club goer to their feet, and there's truly something for everyone in a Justin Foutz set.

Justin is the Spotlight Artist the week of November 7-14 on American Veterans Radio (www.avradio.org) and currently receives airplay on New Artist Radio and other outlets, with the list growing daily. Seems word is spreading quickly about the musician who “turns Chuck Berry songs into modernized country,” as he describes it.

Justin Foutz Bio

Justin Foutz is a 26-year-old singer, songwriter and guitar player born in Indianapolis, Indiana. At age 10, Justin picked up a Kay guitar and began to learn his favorite song, Richie Valens' “La Bamba”. Natural talent and persistence paid off and by the age of 12, he got to perform “Hotel California” by the Eagles with John Mellencamp's band at a private party for Indianapolis Colts owner, Jim Irsay. From ages 15-17 Justin switched to drums and joined up with a local band, Green Bean Transplant. Although drumming was fun, Justin was coming to the realization, at the young age of 16, that he wanted to be front and center.
In 2002 Foutz went to Southern California to vacation with his father. While on vacation, he found himself bored with the Summer sun. To take his mind off his boredom, he put a band together to play some local gigs. The search for California musicians with the same influences as he had, (i.e. Travis Tritt, Keith Urban, Little River Band, Brad Paisley and Stevie Ray Vaughan) came easily. Hearing Justin rehearsing in his garage, a neighbor quickly introduced him to Rich Modica, the long time production manager/guitar tech for Brian Setzer, The Wallflowers and many others successful acts. Justin and Rich spent many hours together talking about music, business and guitars. Once they realized that they where both on the same musical page, they decided to sign a management deal  together and things began moving forward.

At the age of 20, in 2004, Foutz got a chance to show his guitar skills to the country music world, when he went on tour with country artist, Chris Richards-Tumblers and  the Grits tour. Not long after returning from tour, Modica invited  noted producer, Dave Darling (twice Grammy nominated; Brian Setzer, Meredith Brooks) to one of Justin's shows. The following day, all three- Foutz, Modica, and the aforementined Darling – were all gathered in a studio, recording five songs in the process. Among those are  “Mr. Know-It-All,” brimming with pure confidence and attitude, and certain to become a radio favorite; and the instrumental song, “Crash and Burn” is a smokin' guitar  track that brings every live Justin Foutz audience to their feet and then knocks them on their rears!

Foutz subsequently moved to Nashville and recorded his self-titled debut at Sound Kitchens and Sound Emporium with engineers Ben Terry and Taylor Pollert. Justin has also made appearances at The Grand Ole Opry as well as various Nashville venues. Justin has recently returned to California where he's continuing his writing and recording career. Justin Foutz may be young; but when you hear his voice you will soon realize that his soul is that of a seasoned veteran. His energetic mix of country, blues and rock will make a fan out of anyone who enjoys great music.