Jagertown Performs the Redneck Country Radio Launch in Nashville

Jagertown performs at the launch of Captain Jack's Redneck Country Radio. November, 2017
Nashville was rockin’ with all shockwaves centered at The Valentine. November 6th marked the official launch of Redneck Country Radio Presented by Captain Jack. They were live at The Valentine with performances by Zach Stone, Julia Neville, Jagertown and more.
I had the chance to sit down with Jagertown before their debut performance in Music City. They were excited and ready to hit the mic. Everything they had to say expressed their ever-growing passion to be on stage and put on a great show.
Jagertown has five band members all from different musical backgrounds. When asked about how this plays into the creative sound they are known by, lead singer Preston said, “Country is so broad now and the spectrum is wide.” This is what music is about. “Us being a band plays to our strength because everyone brings something different to the table.”  Drummer Meter added, “It’s a melting pot of influences.” This is what fans love about today’s country music. We listen to find a song or a phrase that relates to us.  
Songwriting for them is a process. Meter explains the levels as “Preston will do most of it on his own, then I’ll come into the process, and Danny comes into the process. Everyone has their own shot at it. Then collectively as a group, it takes off.” They write their own songs, and this is something that the group is passionate about. Writing a song can be personal or fiction, inspiration can be found anywhere. Preston commented, “If you only ever wrote about things you personally experience you would be one dimensional, but if you never wrote from a personal experience then you would be disingenuous.”
“Small-Town Superstars” is climbing charts right now. Last week it was #41 on Music Row Country Breakout Chart, this week it rises to #39. Preston and Meter wrote this song after the group performed at a rodeo in a small town years ago. “They treated us like we were the rock stars of the town.” Superstars come from all over with diverse backgrounds and that is what this song is about. When asked how it feels knowing that their song is doing so well their reactions were priceless. Meter spoke up with “It’s pretty bananas” while JT simply encouraged it to “Keep going.”
Music is clearly what keeps the blood pumping in these five “Superstars”. They had a lot to say about what music means to them. Meter stated, “It’s a group effort we are a team, we do this together, we do it to progress, and play music. We love to be around each other.” When asked what music means to them the answers were exactly what I wanted to hear. Preston said, “Music is my medicine.” JT settled on “Who I am.” Danny explained it as, “Music has always been bookmarks in my life, good or bad.” When asked why support music the band agreed that Meter had the best answer with, “A lot of great people work extremely hard and sacrifice everything they have.” Liz left us with “How does it get any better?” All I can say is you will surely see.
Jagertown put on an exciting show. Their music and passion much bigger than the stage. They brought the crowd to their feet and many coming in to check out what was shaking the street. They played original songs but also threw in some of our favorites. The crowd went wild when “Small-Town Superstars” started up. They left everyone wanting more.
While in town for the show they are also recording new material. We can’t wait to hear what comes next from this infectiously exciting group. “Jager Nation” is growing fast!
You can expect to hear music from Jagertown, to Lynyrd Skynyrd, as well as Merle Haggard, and The Oak Ridge Boys on Redneck Country Radio. This is the fifth week for Captain Jack and Redneck Country Radio. They have already acquired 500,000 listeners. This station is a mix of southern rock old and new. People are wondering where this has been. Download the app Live365 Radio and search Redneck Country Radio. “You will never have to change the station again,” said Captain Jack.

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