James Labrosse’s Newest Release “Orange Night” A Blend of R&B, Jazz and Flamenco

From the start let me say that this is flat out awesome music. I closed my eyes and sounds tempted my senses as I felt as if I was sitting in a high class jazz bar in New York and that the music was the most superb I had every heard. It’easy flowing to the ears and the taste, the pallet, soothing, warm and inviting.

Instrumentally, right from the first note this album is exceptional. The talent on this album is perfection. Need I say more, can’t you tell I loved it. I know you will too.

There are 8 tracks on this collection and all stand strong independently but as a whole are rock solid as well.


Here is a taste of the first song I had the pleasure of enjoying. I know your gonna love it. Please take a listen to “Englishman In New York.”

The single “Find A Way” and is probably one of my favorites from this album. It takes a journey through what some have called a soundscape, a place where you don’t have to drive or walk or even run but you can simply close your eyes and be there. You will loose yourself in the ebb and flow of the music. It’s a fusion of flamenco and R&B that tickles the senses with just a hint of jazz.

The entire collection is genuine and earthy, filled with a warm glow and polished texture of the various genre’s blended together to create his own ambiance of powerful and emotional music. It’s a combination that brings forth something from within ourselves so that not only does it inspire us it is part of us. Great collection.

“Un Lugar” is where the Flamenco guitar meets the ease and flow of jazz. The vocals and the instrumentation on this song is as all the others, superb.

The mixture of the various cultures and textures of this collection accomplishes so much in that it brings together a wide and diverse set of music lovers and connects us all together like family.

There are times the music is ethereal, it’s authentic, it’s passionate and raw. Pure and simple it’s not, yet it is, in so many ways. He’s taken something that is full of haunting emotion and visualizes romantic cultures, turning it into “Orange Night” a collection of exquisite music for the world.

Special guests on the album included: Javier G.F. Escudero with composition on Intro/Overture & Post_nostalgia, Yazhi Guo on woodwinds for Intro/Overture & Post_nostalgia. Melissa McMillan with vocals on Find A Way, Jonathan Hoard with vocals on Orange Night, and Angeles Toledano with vocals on La Mañana. Ryan Egan also gifted us with vocals and lyrics on I’ve Changed.

This album presents in the styles of Indie, Electronic, Flamenco-Jazz and a special taste of R&B. Labrosse has been likened to Josemi Carmona, Pat Metheney, and Tigran Hamasyan.

Musicians appearing on this album are James Labrosse on guitar, compositions, lyrics, production and additional synths and programming on I’ve Changed and Magnets outro. Musicians Fabio Rojas on drums, Akos Forgacs on electric bass and Sharik Hasan on rhodes, synths, and organ.

The goal of this album for Labrosse was to marry various genre’s like jazz, R&B and Soul, and Flamenco with touches of electronic sounds and create a unique style all his own. I believe he has accomplished just that.

James Labrosse has been playing music since he was 13 years old and in 2015 he graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston with a degree in Contemporary Writing and Production.

He is truly a talented artist who’s goal is to further inspire others with his music and it appears he’s doing just that.

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