James Lann Climbing Texas Charts with Fifth #1 Single

James Lann
James Lann
James Lann

James Lann is a true country hit maker, this is apparent by his latest #1 single on Texas Music Charts and Texas Radio.

He keeps cranking out the hits and fans think it’s about time that the big labels start paying attention. He’s not going anywhere but up, up the charts.

James first appeared in our magazine in 2011 and we felt it was about time to catch up on all the amazing things happening in this young mans career.

Lann grew up in Arizona and New Mexico, raised on cattle ranches and learning the meaning of hard work and dedication at an early age. Now making his home in Texas, James Lann is shaking things up and moving up the Texas radio charts like lightening reaching #1 again this month. You can’t keep a good man down when he has a voice and a talent like James Lann.

Lann decided to postpone the big move to Music City and work on perfecting his sound and the quality of his music while building a firm marketing plan before approaching major levels in the industry.

Texas is one of the best states to grow a market for your music especially when the state has a census that show’s their population has increased by leaps and bounds in the last decade and their economy is thriving when other states across the nation are struggling. What better place to market and hone your craft than in a place where the community is prime.

James Lann
James Lann

What better place than the great state of Texas to build a large fan base while creating solid relationships in the industry and with Nashville’s big hitters in industry. James has had five #1 hits on the Texas charts and it is apparent he has no plans on stopping now.

His humbleness and generosity is pure and it show’s in his music and in the lyrics of his songs, each one written from a memory of his life. His songs have been hitting at #1 since 2009 when his first album produced “Honky Tonk Two Step Queen” and then again in 2010 when “The Talent Requires” made country fans sit up and pay attention.

Influenced by greats in a wide range from country music legend George Jones to rocks iconic AC/DC Lann’s music brings something for everyone. “The Talent Requires” even has that shy hint of humor reminiscent of Brad Paisley.

His latest song “Let It Rain” in the month of July alone had almost 1900 spins in one week sky rocketing it up the charts and placing Lann in the category with major hit makers. It increased in spins by almost 230 turns in just one week. “Let It Rain” has now been on the charts for just over 20 weeks and is currently being played on over 71 radio stations. James is one of the industries fastest rising young artists this decade and there appears to be no stopping him.

Life on the road is rough even if it’s just in one state. Let’s face it Texas is a large state, almost a country in itself and pounding out 3000 miles a week making appearances at 30 or 40 radio show’s a week is no walk in the park. But the rewards are proving to be worth it all.

James has worked with various co-writers in Texas and in Nashville, Chuck Allen, Floyd Jon Goodwin, and Carson Chamberlain. Chamberlain was credited with the production of Deana Carter’s “Strawberry Wine” that also reached #1 on the country charts.

James Lann
James Lann

His two albums “ F-O-R-D and “Honky Tonk Kung Fu” have produced four #1 hits and now his latest “Let It Rain” has taken it’s place among those winners.

Lann is a fifth generation cowboy. Hard work and dedication is in his blood. He traded his saddle and rope for a guitar and stage but his heart is still true to his heritage and his upbringing. His music is a testament to his ability as an artist and he proves it time and time again. So if your into country music, and we hope you are, take a listen, do a little two step and a docy doe and be sure to include James Lann in your collection.

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