1. All my fans like Kevin Flowers and John Livingston coupled with the Nashville Music Guide have done more for me in months than I was able to accomplish in more than 20 years by myself!! YouTube views are now well over 3000 for Son of the Highway-I have almost 1900 fb friends who love my songs and are a powerful support-Feb. 1st-my 14th anniversary with my beautiful wife Denise, the poster for Lyrics for Lyric with my name on it came out-what an anniversary present. Feb 1st my wife was my #1 fan according to Reverbnation and I also gained another chart position locally!! I am now officially ranked #4 in Covington Louisiana!! I feel like I am a member of the Matthews’ family but can’t change my last name ’cause Joe Matthews is already taken-I tried Joe Junior but Pick’s Nashville said he had first bid on that one!! I woke up slap in the middle of a country song and it is a hit that is going straight to the top!! I feel like a superstar so we are gonna have to make sure Pick’s keeps the beer & whiskey flowing so that no one realizes that I’m just a regular ‘ole Joe!! I love Randy, Kymberly, and Joe Matthews as well as Glenda Montgomery, Phil Sweetland, Rhonda Smith and all the crew at the Nashville Music Guide-you guys have made one ‘ole country boy about as happy as a tick on a hound dog’s ear!! We are definitely underway and making way!! Pens up my friends and I’ll see you at the top of the charts!!

  2. Joe has a lot of songs that I have listened to that have the potential of being great hits for someone. While listening to them I can vision certain stars singing them. I believe he has a brilliant future ahead of him.

  3. Yes Sir my Blue blood Brother. Keep on “Pickin and Grinnin” and writing about all we’ve ever known.

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