Joshua Hedley debuts new program “The Grand Tour” on Gimme Country

Third Man recording artist Joshua Hedley is excited to announce the launch of “The Grand Tour,” his new show on online radio platform Gimme Country. As Gimme Country’s first premiere DJ, Joshua’s first episode airs today, Wednesday, May 15th at 10 am PT / 12 pm CT / 1pm ET. Gimme Country is available at and has mobile apps for both iOS and Android. 
“Gimme Radio is a really cool platform for metal fans to connect with their favorite artists and hear great music,” Hedley said. “I’m excited that they’ve given me the same opportunity to connect with country music fans with Gimme Country!” 
Gimme Country is a new music platform designed to serve the fan and play music that is ignored by mainstream country radio and digital music streaming services. Created by the same experienced team that built Gimme Radio, the world’s first metal-specific music service, Gimme Country is designed to expose great artists and provide a platform that connects country fans all over the world. 
Gimme Country DJs will play the legacy artists, the outlaws and outsiders — and they will finally give women artists the recognition and air-time they deserve. Other DJs include Grammy Award-winning singer Lee Ann Womack and Warner Bros. Records recording artist and six-time Grammy nominee Brandy Clark, Riser House Records artist Dillon Carmichael, legendary guitar slinger Jesse Dayton, famed country singer and songwriter Laura Cantrell, alt-country hero Chuck Prophet, Country Music Hall of Fame writer and editor Michael McCall, former No Depression Magazine co-founder/editor and current writer at the Austin American-Statesman Peter Blackstock, and many more.
As Tyler Lenane, CEO of Gimme Country tells it: “For too long terrestrial radio has only focused on a select few mainstream country artists. At the same time, digital music services have been slow to embrace the genre, focusing solely on pop and mainstream hip-hop. Thousands of country artists and millions of country fans have been ignored. Gimme Country is going to change all that.”
Gimme Country has real DJs sharing stories from the road and their love of country music 24 hours a day, and it allows fans to interact with one another and directly with the host in real time. It is the first immersive country music experience, designed to connect artists and fans, and it’s set to revolutionize the way we listen to country music forever.
These personalities perfectly reflect the Gimme Country approach to what it means to be “country” in a genre that has been homogenized by country radio and the other digital music services. Sign up for free and enjoy the most unique and best country music listening experience there is.

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