KORE PR Introduces Cocktail-Pop Crooner Maeve Steele

Tragically chic and effortlessly alluring, 21st century poet and vintage vocalist Maeve Steele finesses her way onto the Indie-Pop scene alongside KORE Public Relations.
Fresh off the release of her debut single Burn, Maeve Steele flaunts her vivid prose and a haunting vocal delivery, while illuminating the raw magnitude of a commonplace, toxic relationship.
“Maeve naturally radiates star quality”, says KORE owner Dawn DeJongh, “She’s a supernova, and ‘Burn’ backs that up better than anything else.”
Maeve Steele is Generation Y with an Old Fashioned in hand, bringing trip-hop and folk-rock to the new age. Burn is now available on all digital music platforms. Stay tuned for Maeve Steele’s inaugural, self-titled EP, coming early 2019. For more information, visit www.MaeveSteele.com, click the icons below to connect with Maeve on social media, and subscribe to her YouTube channel for an exclusive first-look at the upcoming video series Steele Lounge.
Click HERE to listen to Burn NOW!       

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