Lauren Jenkin’s Releases “Running Out of Road” from her Upcoming Album No Saint

Lauren Jenkins releases the next track, “Running Out Of Road” from her highly anticipated debut album No Saint out March 15 via Big Machine Records.

Jenkins co-penned “Running Out of Road” alongside writers Ingrid Andress, Jessie Jo Dillon and Tina Parol.

first look video for “Running Out Of Road” teases the full concept of a forthcoming short film of the same name, created by and starring Jenkins.  The film sets Jenkins’s music and passion for storytelling against the backdrop of the American West and the first trailer recently premiered

I wrote “Running Out Of Road” with Jessie Jo Dillion, Ingrid Andress and Tina Parol. There was something really special about writing this with three other women. Ultimately, I think that was the perfect collaboration for this song.

I’ve lived a lot of places and traveled a lot of miles and I’ve learned that there are some things you can’t escape… no matter how far you run. Sometimes, memories follow you wherever you go. It’s in the air, the sky, a stranger’s face, or, sometimes, some unexplainable feeling in a single moment. The lyrics of this song serve as a map: snapshots of places and moments I’ve lived through.

There have been times in my life that I felt like I was hitting dead end after dead end.

At its core, “Running Out Of Road” is about persistence. Keep going, even after it feels like there’s no road left to travel. I think Tom Bukovac’s guitar solo is the perfect embodiment of that sentiment. The outro here is almost 2 minutes long, but it always leaves me wishing it would keep going. I still get chills listening to this song and playing it live. A sense of hope seems to seep in towards the end of the song – almost like spotting a stretch of road up ahead on the horizon and knowing that you can keep going.

My favorite songs are songs that tell you a story and move you. In my mind, “Running Out Of Road” is sort of chapter three in the story that starts with 
“Maker’s Mark and You” and “No Saint.” 

Honing her craft since the age of 15, Jenkins has mesmerized crowds with her passion and authentic songwriting that blend traditional Country roots with Americana influences. The Texas-born, Carolina-raised musician has picked up a variety of inspirations throughout her travels from the Southern charm of Charleston and artistic vibe of New York City to the eclectic sounds of Music City. Her first EP, The Nashville Sessions, prompted “One to Watch” praise from Rolling Stone and Billboard and additionally she has been named an “Artist to Watch in 2019” by outlets such as Nashville Music Guide, Sounds Like Nashville, The Tennessean and Taste of Country among others. Outside of her headline ventures, Jenkins has toured with acts such as Lady Antebellum, Delta Rae and Martina McBride.

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