Letter to the Editor: March 2011

Welcome to Nashville Country Music Radio personnel! We have recently started featuring Radio DJ’s as a part of the Nashville Music Guide’s Monthly Spotlight section. Last month, Doris Day of KIX 101.1, in central Iowa was our first Radio Personality Spotlight. She is at a station that is actually airing with the live and local approach, which brings radio back to its roots. My nephew, Joe, befriended her while he was Editor of a magazine in Iowa. She is the type of person who will take your calls, your requests, and actually play them. Here at NMG, it has been a busy month moving our deadlines up by five days in order to get to the stands by the 28th – ahead of the CRS seminar – and that has been a lot of work. We appreciate the hard work of our staff, advertisers and our writers as well. We appreciate your feed back and just as Doris Day would do, we will take our time to listen and to respond. I f you have a DJ you feel needs to be recognized let us know; we are looking for interesting people. I spent the past few weeks in Oklahoma, went through two blizzards in seven days, with six-foot snow drifts; it was a brutal wind chill and the coldest weather seen in the past 30 years. Global warming, I’m totally not convinced. One thing I am convinced about is March 1st through 5th is going to be one busy week, buzzing with stars and radio personalities. Wish we were able to cover every event and interview but it’s so crazy, it is impossible. I do know we will spend some time at the bridge bar for sure.

$andy Kane, the Naked Cowgirl, will be in Nashville CRS week recording three songs. She is also signed up to audition for America’s Got Talent this month. This lady is a total riot hosting her own cable show for 13 years. Often on the Howard Stern Show, raising hell with her rival the Naked Cowboy, you can check her out not only on YouTube, but last month’s issue of Nashville Music Guide. She has this song about a guy named Dick, an old boyfriend, that she plans to release overseas where she has had great success and been requested back. She will be performing at Big Joes Big Night out on March 3rd at Picks Nashville. Our Canadian friend, Craig Moritz, will be back in Nashville this month on March 5th for a showcase at Picks Nashville. He is currently finishing up his latest album, which is soon to be released. Also, Joe Kent the boat captain who we featured a few months ago in the article, “Making Waves on Music Row,” is in town as well. Well, to our surprise, he rolled into town a few days early and we met him for the first time at Picks, where he brought his own chair and gifts for Wade and a model boat for me – very thoughtful of him and his wife, Denise Kent. Joe performed at the February Lyrics for Lyric at Pick’s Nashville. Joe will also be writing with Tony Stampley during his visit and other writers are welcome aboard. All of this is going to make for an exciting month. If you have taken notice, the Nashville Music Guide has been taking a greater effort at promoting writers and singers. We are on our way across the border to the Country Music fans in Canada, as well as the Texas Music scene. We currently mail to all the Texas Music Chart reporting stations and are adding stations daily. Ads and subscriptions support our effort and we would appreciate it if you would spread the word about the Nashville Music Guide. Check out our website and watch for our exciting news that we have under the wraps. We also have an interesting story this month about an organization that raises money to support artists. Check us out on the web, facebook and twitter.

Randy and Kymberly Matthews

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