Country-rocker Lewis Briceshares with the world the small town love he’s a “Product Of” in title track to upcoming album. The single features his brother, multi-platinum selling artist Lee Brice, and is a nod to their parents and upbringing in South Carolina. This is the first collaboration between the brothers and is the second release from Lewis’ first full-length album,Product Of, available July 28. 

To stream “Product Of” featuring Lee Brice, click HERE

“‘Product Of’ is a song that really stems from the thought of Lee and mine’s parents and the small town love they raised us with in Sumter, South Carolina,” shared Lewis. “Having my brother jump on this song is so freakin’ cool and a blessing. It makes sense for this to be the first collaboration between us, being about who and where we come from. What we’re a Product Of.” 

“My brother Lewis is one of the most determined and hardworking people I know… he’s worked his tail off crafting his songwriting skills and when I heard this one – ‘Product Of’…man, this one really moved me; makes me wish I would have been in that room that day. I CANNOT WAIT for the world to hear this. Lewis…you’re such a talent! What an honor to sing this song with you,” added Lee. 

Boy meets girl in a homeroom class
Starts thinking forever can’t come too fast
Put some overtime money down
On a ring and a half acre piece of ground, yeah
Before you know it, they’re painting the front room blue
Taking a little hell raiser to Sunday school
Thanking God everyday ‘fore the sun comes up
For the small town love I’m a product of

Lewis,who has amassed more than 50 million streams, has been named by both Rolling Stone Country and Billboard as an ‘Artist to Watch’ and is celebrated for his high-octane live show, is releasing his first studio album Product Of,July 28. Brice is a co-writer on every track of the 10-song collection. Taste of Country exclusively premiered the album’s lead track, “Thanks for the Heartbreak” last month. To stream or download “Thanks for the Heartbreak” click HERE

Product Of is produced by Ben Simonettiand features a duet with Brice’s brother, Lee Brice, who is also a co-writer on tracks “Sad Song” and “Together.” The title track holds special meaning to the singer-songwriter. Brice exclusively tells Taste of Country, “That song is inspired by my parents and how we were raised, so it made a lot of sense for him to jump on that song with me.”

Product OfTrack List:
1. Product Of
(Lewis Brice, Josh Gallagher, Taylor Goyette, Mark Addison Chandler)
2. First Time
(Lewis Brice, Adam Wood, Doug Johnson)
3. Seeing Summer
(Lewis Brice, Davey Arnold, Clayton Shay, Andrew Capra)
4. Back of My Mind
(Lewis Brice, Davey Arnold, Will Garrett)
5. Goodbye Beer
(Lewis Brice, Luke Preston, Joey Hendricks)
6. Thanks for the Heartbreak
(Lewis Brice, Adam Wood, Kyle Jacobs)
7. Sad Song
(Lewis Brice, Lee Brice, Adam Wood, Rob Hatch)
8. Right Love
(Lewis Brice, Skip Black)
9. Together
(Lewis Brice, Lee Brice, Adam Wood, Hunter Phelps)
10. Shadow
(Lewis Brice, Adam Wood, Will Garrett) 
2022 was a record year for Brice, as covered inPeople.com, Brice tied the knot to Denelle Manzer, who he featured in his video for “It’s You,” which garnered more than 15 million streams. Brice spent much of the last year on the road, performing to packed audiences across the Southeast. The video for his last single, “Livin'” was filmed over the span of five different shows with four different videographers capturing footage. Featured in the video is Brice’s hometown show in South Carolina, hitting the stage at Carolina Country Music Fest as well as performances at Key West Songwriters Festival and opening for Michael Ray. PopWrapped exclusively premiered the track, noting that “the single’s production accompanies the lyrics in the song perfectly.”

In October 2021, Double Down Music, a publishing division of PIA Music Group (PIA), partnered with Pump House Music to announce the signing of Brice to the new publishing company.

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