Lexi Larsen Shakin (EP) Album Review

Lexi Larsen can be compared as a mix of Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift. This might seem like a drastic comparison, but she illustrates the best of both worlds. Her track “If I Was Bad” has a sound similar to Underwood. She is edgy and a force to be reckoned with. She hits high notes while playing with a raspy vocals throughout the song. This song is upbeat and witty. While her track “Shakin’” presents her in a more playful way. Larsen has the elements of a Taylor Swift song with playful talk and subtle twang. Her songs are frisky and fun. She proves to perform well and leaves her fans wanting more. She illustrates a sound that we love while being true to her own music.
Lexi Larsen is from Western Nebraska, giving her the makings of a small-town girl with big dreams. She’s a singer and songwriter. She has made many fans over the years. Larsen was able to create her first album with the help of her fans. Many of her fans donated to make her dream of an album a reality. She wants to help and connect to people through her music. Entertaining has been a huge part of her life for many years. She will be a well-known country music entertainer for years to come. With fans that are standing by her side and a supportive family, she’s ready for big changes. This is just the beginning for Lexi Larsen, there is a lot more yet to come.

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