LoneHollow Releases New Single ‘If My Soul Were A House’

Nashville-based duo, LoneHollow release sophomore single If My Soul Were A House available on all streaming platforms. 

The house represents a soul that has been through some dark times. We wanted to think of it as all of these different rooms and describe the details as if you were walking through it, witnessing the loneliness,” explains LoneHollow. “The song is about wanting to burn the house down and start all over again; letting someone or something new in.” 

LoneHollow, consisting of Damon Atkins & Rylie Bourne, is a duo based out of Nashville, TN. Atkins is from the Appalachian region of North Caroline, and grew up constantly surrounded by blues and southern rock music. Bourne grew up in the heart of Illinois in a family of musicians. Attending bluegrass festivals as a kid with her father, she picked up an ear for harmony and an eventual drive to write and record her own songs. 

The two met during their time at Segue 61, an immersive music-industry program through Catawba College in Nashville. Their similar styles led to co-writing, jamming, and playing gigs around town. LoneHollow’s first single release, “Stone” was released in November 2018. 

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