Loretta Lynn management to announce showcase winner on May 14, 2012

The “Loretta Lynn Selection Showcase” is nearing the final week of competition with the selected
winner to open for Loretta Lynn in concert on May 26, 2012 at the Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane
Mills, Tennessee.

The final week of the ten-week competition is scheduled for May 9. Showcase contestants have
come from across the United States to compete for the historic opportunity to be the selected act in
the “Performing Writer” showcase being held weekly at the Fillin’ Station in Kingston Springs,

The contest consists of three acts each week performing three original songs. The performances
must be acoustic in nature, which has presented challenges for some groups that normally perform
larger stages, such as week four’s “Nation of Wealth” from Florida who opened for the rock group,
Filter last night in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Cathy Kent and David Gordon Tygart produce the “Performing Writer” show which begins at 7 p.m.
every Wednesday at the Fillin’ Station in Kingston Springs, TN. The show is open to the public and
there is no admission charge. It is recommended that attendees find seating early for the event as
it is often standing-room only.

This week’s contestants (week eight) consist of Nashville’s Molly Hunt, formerly Detroit, MI (2012
American Idol finalist), Julianne Ankley from Gratiot, Michigan (nominated for several Michigan
awards), and Mike Vial from Howell, Michigan. Along with the weekly contest, the show also
presents some of the best original performers from the Nashville area and abroad.

Since taking on the hosting task of a start-up writer’s night at The Fillin’ Station in the small
community of Kingston Springs, Tennessee in November of 2008, Cathy Kent and David Gordon
Tygart have made a home for original performers who value the presentation of their music as they
value it’s musical content. Performing Writer has become one of the Nashville area’s favorite
showcases for performing songwriters with a growing draw of national and international interest.

As well as showcasing some of the more seasoned acts in the singer-songwriter community, Cathy
and David also give significant attention to performers who are inexperienced or who may be
returning to the pursuit of writing and performing.


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