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Vibrant country artist Hannah Bethel’s latest country radio release, “You Wanna Be My Man,” is off her newest album Never Ending Sky, and is creating quite a stir among the industry and fans.

After her previous releases, and music videos to accompany “No Where Left to Roam,” “Medicine,” and “If I Don’t Love You Anymore,” Hannah’s newest album includes eight songs which were written/co-written by Hannah and features top-notch musicians on the record including, Adam Ollendorff (Kacey Musgrave’s pedal steel player) and Tim Horsley (played drums with Keith Urban, Gary Allen, Jamie O’Neal). Finding a different creative outlet with this new project, she incorporates a mix of new and old sounds and styles from an array of musical icons, along with her own unique touch. She brings an organic taste to her eclectic approach to country music. Her influences include Fleetwood Mac, Miranda Lambert, and Willie Nelson.

Hannah is an avid writer and co-writer. She has written with some of Nashville’s finest songwriters, from big names to newcomers. One of those newcomers is Momentum Label Group artist, Rachele Lynae. Hannah had her first song cut in 2013 with Rachele’s sophomoric single, “Fishin’ For Something”, which received extensive radio play across the US. She also co-wrote Rachele’s current single, “Whole Lotta Nothing.”

Hailing from Northern Michigan, Hannah has spent the last year touring the United States, performing shows from Alaska to New Jersey and everywhere in between. She has shared the stage with such artists as Frankie Ballard, Canaan Smith, Charlie Worsham, Joe Nichols, Rodney Atkins, Trisha Yearwood and Buddy Jewell. Hannah was named one of CMA Close Up’s Who New to Watch artists.

New fans, as well as those who have cheered Hannah on at hundreds of concerts and club gigs, now have a chance to gain a little more insight with Nashville Music Guide’s Lucky 13.

Lucky 13 with Hannah Bethel 

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NMG: What was the first song you ever performed?

Hannah Bethel: My first solo performance was at my 4th grade Christmas recital and I sang “Tender Tennessee Christmas.” I wore a black dress with silver sparkles and a white fringe vest situation that tied at the waist. I was so nervous I could hardly move but I loved every second. 

NMG: What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?

Hannah Bethel: If you want this more than anything else – more than you might want to be a teacher or veterinarian or lawyer, more than you want a steady income, normal working hours or to see your spouse/children every day – if the music still beats your heart harder than any of these things, then go for it! A career in music is possible for anyone who is willing to work extremely hard to make it happen for themselves. 

NMG: What are 3 things that you have to have with you at all times/never leave home without?

Hannah Bethel: Water bottle! I’m a water addict. Chapstick. I’m also addicted to this. Hand sanitizer. Germs yo.

NMG: When things seem to go negatively at times, how do you turn things into something positive? 

Hannah Bethel: I am a hardcore optimist. I am relentlessly looking for the good in all situations. Living in the moment helps me to do this. Things that have already happened are in the past. There is absolutely nothing I can do to change how an event unfolded. The future is yet to be. I have no idea whether it will be my greatest worry come true or more wonderful than my wildest dreams. All I can do is act on my feet and handle the present situation with as much Love as I can muster. Whenever I find myself getting stressed out about things, I remind myself that I get to make music for a living. That’s pretty cool 🙂 

NMG: How would you describe your music to someone that has never heard you before?

Hannah Bethel: Quirky, vintage, Country, Pop. 

NMG: What are your musical influences?

Hannah Bethel: My musical influences are all over the place! I listened to many of the great females of Country music through my momma when I was growing up; Patsy Cline, Faith Hill, Dixie Chicks, Shania Twain… and I got a lot of classic rock influence from my Dad; The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, James Taylor. In my teens I discovered The Beatles, Willie Nelson and Patty Griffin. Now I love Eric Church, Chris Stapleton and Sam Hunt. All of these people influence me to this day.

NMG: Someone once said write what you would want to perform over and over. With that in mind, what song do you love to perform the most? 

Hannah Bethel: I love playing my single, “You Wanna Be My Man,” not just because it is my single but because it is so fun to sing! It’s a playful, feel good song, love song and I always get good energy back from my audience. 

NMG: How do you like to enjoy your relaxation time away from the music? 

Hannah Bethel: I LOVE doing anything outdoors like hiking and fishing. I also love doing yoga and I adore reading and I pick up a new book pretty much anytime I go anywhere and I have way more than I can probably finish in this lifetime. 

NMG: If you had the opportunity to change something about the music industry what would it be?

Hannah Bethel: The ability to download music for free! Ugh! It’s created quite an unnecessary panic throughout the industry. The value of the song has gone down exponentially. This affects the up and coming musicians much more than those who are already moving major numbers. People don’t equate free music downloading to stealing a product. What if you could download the newest jeans from Urban Outfitters or new car tires for free? It sounds awesome until you think of the people who go unpaid for their hard work and creativity. Now, what if it’s you who are going unpaid for your work? It takes on a whole new meaning. 

NMG: If you had to do it all over again, would you still choose this career? Would you do anything differently? 

Hannah Bethel: I would choose this again a thousand times. 

NMG: What would be your advice to artists that are new to the touring circuit?

Hannah Bethel: Good luck! Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside of the box in your touring and marketing strategies. There are a zillion ways to successfully tour and you’ll need to experiment to figure out what works best for you. 

NMG: What has been the most bizarre thing thrown on the stage with you? How did you react?

Hannah Bethel: Before a show in Maryland, someone gave me an eagle feather with a chunk of buffalo fur tied on it with a red string. It was a very special gift and I kept it on the dash of my car for a long time. 

NMG: What are your up-to-date performance plans? New Releases? Tours ? News?

Hannah Bethel: I’m currently booking [tour dates] for late 2015 and early 2016! Visit for details. Check out the music video for my single, “You Wanna Be My Man” soon! 

Without music, I would be … bored.

Music is … da bomb.

My music makes me feel … sparkly and complete. 

I write the songs because … if I didn’t I would need a therapist. 

Support music because … you know you Love it. 

For more information on Hannah Bethel visit: | | Instagram/Twitter: @HannahBethel

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