Lucky 13 with Juliana Hale

They say every dream starts with a dreamer, and Juliana Hale is nothing short of that. The second that Hale takes the stage, fans can see her passion for music shine through.

Juliana Hale is a hard working singer and songwriter.  Her focus on music started at an early age with lessons and talent shows and quickly music became her life passion.  Born in Laguna Hills, California, Juliana decided that Nashville, Tennessee was where she wanted to explore music.  Fueled by her passion, her family moved to Nashville when she was 10.  By age 17 she has written over 250 original compositions that speak to the pop music buying population. Juliana is a multi-faceted artist; writing, singing and playing guitar, piano, bass, flute and ukulele.

Today, Hale is feeling better than ever and is pursuing music full-time. She is a talented multi-instrumentalist, playing not only guitar, but also piano, ukulele, bass and flute. As a songwriter, Hale has over 1,000 songs in her repertoire.

In early February, she had the opportunity to perform at the Leather & Laces Super Bowl pre-party hosted by Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy, performing alongside Flo Rida, Brandi Cyrus, and DJ Automatic.

In January 2018, Hale released a new single, “Overrated” (Listen Here), produced by Grammy Award-winner, Skidd Mills as well as Independent Music Award winner Billy Dawson. The single juxtapositions the vocal prowess of Hale’s uniquely deep alto amongst a backdrop of poignant lyrics and an upbeat musicality. Co-written with Noah Henson (producer of Kane Brown’s debut EP, Closer / Christian rock band Pillar), the danceable song is actually based upon the petite singer’s own heartbreaking personal experience. “Overrated” is the first of four tracks to be released off Hale’s forthcoming EP, Small Talk.

Lucky 13 with Juliana Hale

1. What was the first song you ever performed?

“Wake Me Up When September Ends” in fourth grade with a blue flying V guitar, a cowboy hat, and flip flops.

2. What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?

Make sure you really want it and be prepared to give it everything you have. Also, don’t let rejection or criticisms discourage you, let it drive you. Everything happens or doesn’t happen for a reason, just keep trying.

3. If you had to do it all over again, would you still choose this career? Would you do anything differently?

I would 100% still choose this career. I could not imagine my life without music or songwriting in it. If I could do anything differently, I would have started pursuing social media platforms vigorously more early on.

4. What are 3 things that you have to have with you at all times/never leave home without?

A pen and notepad, lipstick, my phone.

5. How would you describe your music to someone that has never heard you before?

I would say my music is a very organic kind of pop with indie/singer-songwriter influences. It has pop elements, but retains the vibe of the acoustic way I wrote the songs.

6. What made you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in music?

I had just started playing guitar in 4th grade, and suddenly I was writing my own tablature. Then in 5th grade I started writing songs in a butterfly journal about some crush I had, and then I was writing about every single thing I felt. I started learning covers and played for anyone that would listen.  I begged my mom to move to Nashville so that I could pursue my dreams. Within a few weeks I played at a local restaurant (this was my first time playing somewhere that wasn’t school or a recital), and the feeling I got solidified my passion to pursue a career in music.

7. As a child growing up, music surrounds us; What type of music did you hear the most back then? How does it differ from what you listen to now?

I listened to sooooo much Taylor Swift (just ask my family). However, I also grew up hearing alternative/punk music from my sister, older rock from my brother, country music from my Mom, Jazz from my Dad, the local rock station from my step dad, and pop at school. I still listen to just about anything, so I think my taste in music was widely influenced from the plethora of genres I was exposed to from a young age.

8. If you had to describe your music in three or four words, what would you call it?

Moody organic pop

9. How do you like to enjoy your relaxation time away from the music?

Yoga, kickboxing, and Netflix. Yoga and Kickboxing are on totally different sides of the zen spectrum, but both of them are so enjoyable and relieve all that stress and really do great things physiologically and physically. Watching Netflix with my family and the cats is probably one of my favorite ways to relax.

10. As an artist, how would you define SUCCESS?

I would define success by the amount of people my music positively impacted and moved. I define success by making one person smile, laugh, cry, or feel inspired in any way. Success is just bringing together a group of unique people through my music and a shared love.

11. How do you think you would like to be remembered by everyone if something were to happen to you suddenly?

I would like to be remembered as someone who was passionate about her future, optimistic, talented, kind, and an avid follower of Jesus. I would want people to smile when they remembered me and think about bad puns, good music, and dedication.

12. When things seem to go negatively at times, how do you turn things into something positive?

I turn things into something positive by writing a song or making a joke. For a couple years, I was very sick so I used it as writing material, made jokes about it, and tried to find a way that it could benefit my future. Everything happens for a reason and God has a plan, and I use that to challenge myself into finding the sunny, inspirational, and constructive side to any situation.

13. If you had the opportunity to change something about the music industry what would it be?

I would change the stigma that you have to be physically beautiful to make it in the industry. Talent and passion should be the thing that sets you apart and sends you to the top.

Without music, I would be … lost in my own feelings and probably very bored.

Music is … my therapy and my best friend.

My music makes me feel … happy to be alive, relieved to condense all of my highs and lows into melodies, and excited to share those feelings with the world.

I write the songs because … Not only because I want to, I need to. I write the songs in the hope they’ll help others the same way writing them helped me. I write the songs to make people smile and to leave my mark on the world.

Support music because … music is the one thing that can bind any people together. So much more work goes into music than people think, and we must support this art form in order to keep it running and able to sustain people’s lives.


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