Megan Ellis

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Megan Ellis has stage presence above and beyond her young years. I suppose one could contribute that to her competing in beauty pageants as she grew up in a small town in Ohio, playing on the softball team, being involved in 4H, and her love for acting that drew her to New York City for a couple of years to pursue becoming an actress after she graduated high school. Megan told me her mother made it a point to raise her to be very well rounded, and I would say her mother did a very good job.

When Megan sings, she looks you right in the eyes and sings to you with all she’s got to give. It doesn’t matter how many people might be in attendance, Megan knows how to make you feel she’s singing to you alone, and she’s very good at it. The best part? Megan Ellis sings real country music, and watching her perform, listening to her sing, gave me the same feeling I get when I take a slow deep breath of fresh air.

As I listened to her for the first time, I kept thinking to myself that what I was feeling and experiencing would have probably been much the same as if I’d walked in on Patsy Cline or Loretta Lynn back during their early years of singing on those same stages in the clubs of downtown Nashville and hearing them for the first time. It’s not that Megan sounds anything like them vocally or that she’s trying to. It’s all about attitude, how she carries herself, her persona on stage and off being one and the same.

Megan Ellis has something that makes her very special and unique, that makes her stand out from the rest. She has Megan’s voice, and her voice is real country. She sings all of her songs exactly the same way, signing each one with her performance. She sings the melody that was written the way Megan would sing it, and once you hear her sing, her voice will become etched in your memory. Megan doesn’t attempt to dazzle or impress you with vocal theatrics or try to use her entire vocal range on each and every song for the sake of doing so. She locks in and she means every word, and you believe her. She delivers the message of the song and the true melody convincingly whether it’s a country ballad, a two-step, or a hard-driving fast song. Megan nails it each and every time. You can sense she’s for real, that she has a whole lot of talent, and that she’s singing to you from her heart and country soul.

If you live in Nashville or plan to be visiting, seek her out. She won’t be hard to find because Megan makes her living singing and she’s a very hard worker. You’ll find her performing six days a week, three to six hours a day, alternating between Big Shotz and various clubs on 2nd Avenue and Broadway, pursuing her dreams of success with her music. I wouldn’t wait too long, though, because I predict it will be much sooner than later that Megan will be living out of her suitcase as she tours the USA and abroad, taking her music world-wide and with great success. I have no doubt she will soon be singing her heart out on the stage of the Grand Ol’ Opry and the Ryman Auditorium, and I’d be willing to wager she gets standing ovations when she does. If you enjoy being entertained and you’re a true fan of real country music, you will absolutely love Megan Ellis.

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  1. love your music-r u playing anywhere in nashville june 1st thru the 3rd? we will be there

  2. This is so true!! I remember watching Megan perform when she was younger! We are fromt the same small town and though it has been years….to this day I still hear her voice when I listen to certain songs that she sang! Your article is so true and Megan….I wish you the best because I know that you deserve it!

  3. How great of you to reconize a true talent when you see & hear one. Megan is not an overnight success, but she certainly should be. She has been in Nashville for several years sharing her great voice and personality to all those who are smart enough to seek her out. We love her very much, and have adopted her as our granddaughter. Joyce Harper

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