NMG CAM: Evanescence

Evanescence graced us with her presence her in Nashville last month, making it the only U.S. stop on the tour schedule for the much anticipated release of their new album this fall.

The power and energy of this band filled not only the auditorium, but floated out into the foyer and down the stairs of the War Memorial with a significant illumination.

Strong vocal that carry to all corners from her amazing range. The combination of the piano with her powerful rock and soulful voice was the perfect blend of rock meets classical. The crowd at the sold-out War Memorial Auditorium was more than excited to hear the new songs and elated, as always, for the old ones.

The new album is full of songs that are bound to chart like many of Evanescence’s hits. Songs, as well as stage energy, kept the crowd on their toes with anticipation hanging on every note and melody.


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