Oak Ridge Boys Member Joe Bonsall Brings Patriotic Pages of G.I. Joe & Lillie to Cracker Barrel Old Country Store®

Celebrated Book on Bravery, Commitment and Sacrifice Now on Sale
Joe Bonsall of The Oak Ridge Boys has released his best-selling book, G.I. Joe & Lillie: Remembering a Life of Love and Loyalty, at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store®. This moving account of his parents, Joe and Lillie Bonsall is a powerful story of patriotism, bravery, deep commitment, and unmovable faith.


The Grammy-winning singer says the project will enable him to further share the legacy of the inspiring publication which symbolizes the essence and core values of America.  “I am honored beyond words that Cracker Barrel Old Country Store is now carrying my G.I. Joe & Lillie book. Along with all of these years of singing with The Oak Ridge Boys, writing this book has been a highlight of my life and its constant success has been downright incredible,” he says.  “I think the reason people love this book is that so many folks from the Greatest Generation lived the same or, at least, very similar story,” Bonsall adds.

He describes having G.I. Joe & Lillie at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® as truly meaningful and relevant. “Our great Veterans who gave so much for our freedom are always there eating at Cracker Barrel because they know that this is a company that cares about them deeply as does ALL of Middle America. I know I do… that is why I wrote this book. A story that honors my parents and their service to America,” the Grand Ole Opry member explains.

Previously, Joe Bonsall wrote a song in honor of his parents, both members of the U.S. military during World War II. The Oak Ridge Boys took part in a patriotic television show which was directed and produced by Sherman Halsey. During the performance, they sang the song, G.I. Joe & Lillie, as a tribute to Bonsall’s parents, shortly after their passing. A video of the performance was uploaded to YouTube by a fan, creating headlines and generating more than 2.8 million views at: youtube.com/watch?v=8lQk27hPzZs.

A critically-acclaimed author, Joe Bonsall has had articles featured in many publications. Books he’s written include From My PerspectiveMolly the Cat children’s book series, The Oak Ridge Boys: An American Journey,  and An Inconvenient Christmas. For additional information, please visit his personal website at: www.JosephSBonsall.com.  Get latest updates and details on The Oak Ridge Boys, by visiting:www.oakridgeboys.com.

Excerpt from G.I. Joe & Lillie Now Available at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store®
‘The good soldier who fought the war and the woman who loved him is a story as old as time itself. As we approach the uncertainties of the future, it is good to know that this kind of love, faith, and dedication does exist. Yes, I believe it does and, yes, I believe it always will. The key word here is ‘faith’ — faith in God, faith in country, faith in each other.” – Joseph S. Bonsall

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