P1Harmony Makes History as 1st K-pop Group to Play Famous Opry Stage

Review by Catrina Engelby

While many households across the US on February 12th were watching the historic Super Bowl, history was also being made at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville. P1harmony took the stage Sunday night and became the first K-pop group to grace the Opry stage in the famed venue’s history. On the heels of winning their first award for Emerging Artist at the Hanteo Music Awards the night before, the guys of P1Harmony enthralled and excited fans for an almost 2.5 hour set. Consisting of 6 members – Theo, Keeho, Jiung, Intak, Soul, and Jongseob – lit the stage on fire with smooth vocals, raps, dance moves, and charm while the fans lit the venue with P1ece Sirens making the whole place feel almost otherworldly. During introductions Keeho made mention of how humbled and honored they were to be playing on such a historic stage and how thankful they were for fans being there. 

Photo by Catrina Engelby

During “Follow Me,” the guys had P1ece, the name they gave their fans, get low before jumping while simultaneously confetti flew out everywhere causing the crowd to go wild. Another particular moment during the song “Nemonade” proved to be one of the most impressive parts of the night. Over halfway through the song the sound cut out and without batting an eye the guys kept going. Singing, dancing, and rapping acapella to finish out the song. While other artists of their age and experience in the industry might have completely stopped or panicked, P1Harmony showed an immense amount of professionalism and just how well they could handle any situation. 

Photo by Catrina Engelby

It was mentioned that they are constantly pushing boundaries because they don’t give up and the Nashville show is proof of that. They reached fans across the globe that speak different languages who fell in love not just with their music but also who they are as individuals. Proving that music really knows no boundaries. P1Harmony has now etched their name in the history books as the first K-pop group to play the Opry stage. They have also officially swung the door open further for more kpop artists to perform in Nashville in the future.

Photos & Review by Catrina Engelby

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