Catching Up with Paige King Johnson

Paige King Johnson reached Top 30 status on the Music Row Charts in March with her debut single “Water Down The Whiskey.” The song is the North Carolina native’s reflective tribute to her classic country roots, mixed with her own modern edge to songwriting and the art of storytelling.

Since then she has not allowed the pandemic and social distancing to slow her momentum and sharing her music with her fans.

“I think doing Facebook and Instagram Lives has been my only saving grace during this time,” said Paige. “I so miss being able to see everyone’s faces smiling and singing along with me at shows, but I’m grateful for the chance to still be able to interact with fans through comments and messages on social media!” 

Aside from interacting with her fans, she has been taking this time to hone her skills but also to get back to her roots.

“I’ve done my best to take this down time to really better myself as a musician and as a friend/daughter/sister/girlfriend/etc. I have started teaching myself to play piano again – which has been one of the most challenging and rewarding things,” said Paige. “I’ve also been doing a lot of writing both by myself and over Zoom & Facetime with friends who are also quarantining. I’m grateful to be able to be back home in North Carolina with my family and friends during this time, so I’ve been able to get back to my roots a little bit with riding horses, working on my family’s farm, enjoying family meals together, and so much more that I miss out on while I’m in Nashville or on the road. It’s been really nice!”

While she is definitely not wasting her downtime, she is looking forward to things getting back to somewhat normal, or whatever that will be after this.

“I think, like most other musicians, the first place I want to get back to is the stage! I’ve missed playing live shows SO MUCH over the last couple of months, and I’m counting down the days that I can get back to it,” said Paige. “Whether that is back to “normal” shows or an altered type of show (drive-in, limited capacity, outdoor, etc.), I’m more than ready! Other than that, I would really like to just dine in at a restaurant without having to cook food myself and clean the dishes afterwards.”

Checkout the video to “Water Down the Whiskey” below and be sure to follow her social channels linked below to keep up with new music, live-streaming events and announcements. | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

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