P!nk Takes Over Nashville

Sunday night, March 10th, P!nk brought her absolutely spectacular Beautiful Trauma Tour to Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena. After the tour was such a huge success in 2018, Pink is venturing out on 37 new dates across the U.S. including Denver, Los Angeles, Houston and Atlanta. Entering the arena fans were greeted by a massive curtain, saturated with pink light, covering the stage. The anticipating beat kicks in and the fabric starts to sway, signaling something is about to happen. Falling to the ground like a magic trick, P!nk is revealed on the other side climbing a swinging chandelier like structure. Getting the party started, P!nk started her set with none other than “Get The Party Started.” As a photographer this is definitely the most interesting opening I’ve ever photographed!

A few songs later, entering the stage at about 40 feet tall, an inflatable caricature of Eminem walked out towering over fans for the song “Revenge” which he collaborated on. P!nk also suprised the packed arena with two solid covers of “Just a Girl” by No Doubt and “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by, obviously, Nirvana. Hair flying and feet off the ground, we were all jumping to the chorus as if we were at a 90’s rock show. Going from bright, pretty and popping colors to a dark, forest scene greeted by fox gaurds we are blessed with “Try” accompanied by a gorgeous, conceptual dance routine. I was so incredibly impressed by P!nk’s dance form and execution. This was really an enchanting part of the show not just because of the set but because of the emotion expressed and consumed.

“Just Like Fire” is one of my favorite P!nk songs and of course she didn’t disappoint. The energy paired with massive flames shooting from the stage, the glowing orange and yellow tones were gorgeous contrasting against her long, purple jacket. You’ve got to love complementary colors right? You also can’t go without recognizing the notes she hits in the chorus. I’ve tried to match them in karaoke and trust me, it just doesn’t happen!

The most inspiring part of the evening was the video, “Women Are Strong” playing before “What About Us.” “Women Are Strong” featured clips from the Women’s March, real women fighting for their rights, young girls from around the world, athletes and more. P!nk talks about how shes always been different and never wanted to fall in line. She’s always fought to have a voice for those who don’t feel they can speak up. She says, “I have always identified with people that struggle.” We can all agree that no matter our political veiws, how much money we have or don’t have, no matter our past or future, “We all want to be loved. We all want to be protected.” This video is so real and true. “I’m grateful if I’ve kept one girl from feeling different or ugly or unempowered.” I believe she has succeeded. I know the arena agrees because there wasn’t a moment of silence as everyone surrounding me cheered at each moment passing on the screen. Following “Women Are Strong” P!nk performs “What About Us”, which for me is a song about the people that have been forgotten or lost. I feel it is an anthem asking for recognition, care and love. It’s the perfect moment to look around at 20,000 people or so and remember we are all in this together.

So, for “So What,” P!nk catapulted through the air covering every part of the arena full of

screaming fans. Who in the world can do back flips while soaring at least 40 feet in the air, while still singing perfectly? Oh, P!nk can! Ending her set with “Glitter In the Air” P!nk sang in a halo of one single spotlight. I think it was a beautiful and simple way to close the night. This is easily the best concert I have ever attended and my appreciation, respect and love for P!nk is so much greater than before (let’s be honest, it was largley there to begin with). If you didn’t see the Beautiful Trauma Tour last year, this is your second chance and you better take it. I’ve never felt so connected to an artist and so genuinely cared for even though I do not personally know and have never met P!nk. She really makes sure everyone in her audience is recognized and appreciated. No matter where you’re sitting, highest row or front row, you feel as if she is singing directly to you. I can’t imagine having missed this tour and I am so glad I had the honor of attending. Get your tickets now and be prepared for an unforgettable night!

Review and Photos by Alexandra Brown (Alexandra Arielle Photography)

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