Private Lives of Nashville Wives Give A Little at #CRS2014

Nashville Wives ‘Give A Little’

Cast of TNT’s Private Lives Of Nashville Wives talk about how they give back


‘Oh no! Another one of those Housewives shows!’ 

‘They don’t even live in Nashville!’

‘It’s all fake!’


Wrong, wrong and wrong again. The ‘Private Lives of Nashville Wives’ premiered on TNT in February. So, for all the skeptics out there, watch a few episodes and get to know the women before you throw stones.


Nashville Wives is an unscripted show, made by Evolution Media. While it is true that they did bring us ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’ and ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’, anyone in the South knows that Nashville women are a completely different kind of crazy. All of the women, who opened their homes to the cameras, live in Nashville and have for years. It is full of drama, humor, tears, fights and mean comments and that’s just the Twins.


Watching the show, viewers will ask ‘Did she really just say that?’ ‘Did she actually do that in public?’ Oh yes, yes that did happen. It airs on TNT every Monday at 9 pm, you can also see previous episodes on TNT.


Here’s an idea for the women: Take a long road trip with your five closest friends (who barely know each other), video the entire trip and see what ensues!  That is similar to what TNT did, minus the road trip. Truth is funnier (or scarier) than fiction.


One thing is always common in Tennessee, the love to help others. The cast of ‘Nashville Wives’ is no exception. Meet the wives, their families and their charities.


Cassie Chapman is married to Gary Chapman. Gary is an award-winning Christian artist. She has had her share of drama. Because she is 23 years younger than Gary and worked at Hooters, people have labeled her a ‘Gold-digger’ and called her a Hooters Girl. Gary had hit a financial rock-bottom and was broke when they met. Any good ‘gold-digging’ Hooters girl would have looked elsewhere, not helped him back up. Together, the Chapman’s are proving that age is just a number and are now the proud parents of adopted daughter, Eva Rose. Gary just released his first album in ten years. It is called ‘The Truth’.


Cassie and Gary Chapman support several charities. Agape Animal Rescue is an organization dedicated to finding homes for abandoned and displaced dogs and educating pet owners to be more responsible. They love to help animals.  They also volunteer at the Nashville Rescue Mission.


Jenny Terrell is very strong-minded and is not afraid to speak it. She is a Vice-President at Living Social. Her husband, JT Terrell, is a successful business owner in Nashville. He owns Music City Tents and Events. Between raising their toddler, Hank, and working their careers, life is a balancing act. So why not add one more to the happy family? If only the men could ‘carry’ the babies.


Jenny loves Blackjack and Poker and is good at it. She says can make a great martini. She is very direct and people do not have to guess what she is thinking. Despite her tough persona, her favorite movie is ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’ and she loves the band Journey. Her favorite piece of jewelry is her engagement ring. So, with that in mind, she has a tough exterior but likes to have fun and is crazy about her family.


The Make-A-Wish Foundation is one of the charities that The Terrell’s support. Jenny says to watch in an upcoming episode and see one of their benefits.


Ana Fernandez is the older (by a minute) twin of Betty Malo. She is not a wife, but she is a single mother. She has two children, Christian (21) and Gigi (11). Ana has not found the right man, just yet. Her and Betty add a hilarious dynamic to the show. They are both feisty Cuban-American women. For the viewers who have siblings close in age, you will be able to relate.


In 2004, she started a business dealing with glass and glazing construction. Ana is a lot of fun and is not afraid to let the world know. On a side note, she loves to decorate with antlers. However, she would never put a mounted deer above the fireplace even though she loves the look. The last time she lit the fireplace, she caught the house on fire. She also makes Hula Hoops.


Last year, Ana and Betty Hula Hooped for Hope at the Country Music ½ Marathon for St. Jude. They hooped all the way through it. A half-marathon is 13 miles. Their mother is a breast cancer survivor, so Ana will participate and donates to cancer-related causes, as well as other benefits.


Erika Page White has been married to Bryan White (singer/songwriter) for over 16 years. They are a very cute couple and act like newlyweds. Their two sons are Justin (10) and Jackson (8). Justin does not mind the cameras but Jackson will walk around with a blanket over his head to avoid them. Erika is definitely no stranger to the camera or to drama. She has been a professional model and actress since she was 16. For five seasons of ‘One Life to Live’ she played Roseanne Delgado.


After a nine year hiatus, she wants to get back in front of the cameras and pursue her career. They currently reside in Nashville and Bryan is working on a new album, ‘Shine’.


Being adopted, she is a big supporter of anything to do with adoption. Ordinary Hero is a charity they support. Ordinary Hero helps children in Ethiopia. There are a few other charities that she and Bryan support. They also help with several causes in the community.


Sarah Davidson is an aspiring singer/songwriter, living in Nashville. She wrote and performed the theme song ‘Bright Lights, Big City’ which is used on the preview videos for ‘Private Lives of The Nashville Wives.’ She was married to one of the biggest hit-makers of the decade, Dallas Davidson. Sarah’s focus is on her career throughout the show. As well it should be, what is a show about Nashville without casting a talented and strong aspiring artist? The many struggling singer/songwriters will want to watch the show and see that it is difficult in the music industry, no matter who you know.


Country music artists are known for being charitable. The up and comers are definitely no exception. Sarah supports a charity called FashionAble. It is an organization that creates a sustainable business for Africans. By creating scarves, leather clutches and more, they can be less dependent on charity. The prices of these items are reasonable and each one comes with a letter from the woman who made the item.


Being a musician, Sarah is involved in Musicians On Call. She volunteers to play for people who are in hospital, to help the patients’ spirits. They play for the veterans in the Military hospitals and to many others. Musicians On Call has been around since 1999 and have had musicians perform for over 400k patients.


Betty Malo is the twin of Ana. She is married to Raul Malo and lives in Nashville. Raul is the lead singer of the legendary country music band, The Mavericks. He is also a songwriter, guitarist and producer. She claims that “You have to be a tough bitch to be married to a musician.”


They have three sons, Dino (18), Victor (17) and Max (13).  Three teenager boys means a lot of damage to a home and a lot of fun on the show. Betty has a jewelry and accessory line called Betty Badd Couture. Some of her jewelry is available at Manuel’s on Lower Broadway in Nashville. She also hula hoops with Ana and they both drive Vespas.


Betty Malo supports Dress For Success and would like to start a segment with the organization to help female veterans. She says that the female vets are overlooked and sometimes they need a boost of reassurance. Last year, Betty and Ana hula hooped completely through the Country Music ½ Marathon for St. Jude.


She and Raul also do a lot with non-profits such as The Tennessee State Museum and The Country Music Hall of Fame. “Through music and art, it really can change a person and elevate them in whatever point they are in their life,” says Malo.


Aside from the families of the ladies, a regular who will be appearing on the show is Tina Brady and her husband, Dr. Stan Brady. He is an elite dentist in Nashville, who has dedicated his life to ‘the art of oral rehabilitation to patients in direct need’. She is dubbed as the ‘Bling Queen’ and boy, she can ‘bling’ it!


Aside from being a wife and mother, Tina is launching a jewelry line called ‘Music City Bling’. Their children are Rush (23) and Mia (17). She also has a love for animals and a home that could be a mini petting zoo. She has exotic birds, pythons and chinchillas, along with three nearby stables for her horse.


Dr. and Mrs. Brady are very charitable and will help with anything to do with animals, as well as Make-A-Wish and many other causes. Tina is known for being fun and generous. Per her website, she will literally give you the diamond necklace from around her neck. ‘Tina, I really like that necklace……’


For more on ‘Private Lives of Nashville Wives’ visit the TNT Website. Follow the ladies on Twitter, Like them on Facebook….. you know the drill!


By Krys Midgett and Amanda Andrews










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