R.W. Roldan Presents New Music To Awaken Your Soul “Can You Feel This”

R. W. Roldan, better known as Ray William Roldan to his friends and loved ones has a nice following on social media. He is a professional with a plan and we would like to present to you his latest musical masterpiece.

It is said that R.W. Roldan’s music is soulful, filled with bittersweet ballads and built on the brand of West Coast Americana styles. His sound is authentic and almost prophetic as he sings of times almost extinct in today’s world yet hauntingly present in memory.

Said to have lived the life of a country/blues/rock style luminary, R.W. Roldan is a heavyweight when it comes to putting visionary and lyrical work of art on paper and transforming it into instrumental and vocal mastery. Born to a biker father and a young mother of the age of 16, he grew up in the age of 60’s and 70’s music, lived the hard life of homelessness, and at the age of 17 joined the Navy.

Though his life may have had rough and difficult times he has kept the softness inside that has allowed him to be a storyteller of great magnitude. He is a storyteller of the best kind. He may actually have lived the poetic words he weaves into soulful, country blues filled songs with folk rock expressions.

Roldan holds artist such as Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard and George Jones to high esteem as those he listened to as a child. He has recorded with Bradd Cobb, Bruce Watson, and Doug Pettibone among others.

Roldans vocals are filled with pleasing husky and raspy resonance. His voice is reminiscent of what you hear in a honky tonk blues, country flavored tune.

He has cultivated his own style and signature and his album that just hit the stands a week ago, called “ Can You Feel This” is filled with haunting melodies and gives us a panoramic view of just how deep his talent runs.

“Can You Feel This” is a masterful 13 track collection and moves R.W. Roldan into an artist to watch for 2019.

For more information on R.W. Roldan and his phenomenal talents please visit the following site:

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