Randy Edelman “Around the World in 80 Minutes” A Live Evening of Entrancement

Each and every song is an event within itself. Each and every song is written calmly, joyously, recklessly, romantically…..creating an image and making the heart end up in the most peculiar places while beating vividly and wildly. Composer Randy Edelman communicates with the piano through metaphors, archetypes, poetry, deep feelings and magic….The energy between them is undeniable….like an echo asking a shadow to dance….

Part of his charm is that Randy is unpredictable… He steps onto the stage, sits on his golden chariot, faces the keys with a folder of crumbled papers set on the piano awaiting their master…and then the rapture, the rampage, the frenzy, the paroxysm begins…

His stories come to life within his lyrics and his compositions are translated into fable..As one of the most illustrious and relevant musical sound designers of our times, having written music for over 100 blockbuster motion pictures, perhaps there came a time when he teetered on the brink between story teller and composer bringing to life the most appropriate themes. Regardless, without his brilliance each film might have been flat and like a jigsaw puzzle with all of the pieces being of one color.   During the performance he played his themes from movies including: “Last of the Mohicans”, “Gettysburg”, “Dragonheart”, “XXX”, “My Cousin Vinny”, “While You Were Sleeping”, “Beethoven“, “Billy Madison”, “The Mask”, “Ghostbusters ll”, “27 Dresses”, “Twins”, “Kindergarten Cop”, the theme from the hit television series “MacGyver”, and a cascade of others.

Then as one of the most notable pop song writers around he performed his hits including “A Weekend in New England” (as recorded by Barry Manilow), “You” (as recorded by The Carpenters), “The Man On Your Arm” (as recorded by Bing Crosby), “Isn’t it A Shame” (as recorded by Patti LaBelle and Hip Hop Artist Nelly), and an array of others. As a pop icon himself he showcased his own hits encompassing “Uptown Uptempo Woman”, “Concrete and Clay” (as performed on the legendary BBC hit chart show Top of the Pops) and his 2 newest international hits “Comin’ Out the Other Side”, a post pandemic anthem and “How Could I Let You Go”, his R&B romantic tragedy. 

The award winning maestro has also written the musical themes for The Olympics, ESPN, and even NASA. He has opened for the coolest artists on the planet such as The Carpenters, Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention, and has performed in some of the biggest arenas including The Budokan in Japan, and the London Palladium. He has recently released the original “Ghostbusters ll” soundtrack through Sony Classics, and also his musical about the Panama Canal called “Short Cut.” 

Along with his colossal catalogue Randy also has an enormous ability to capture the emotions of his audience through his stories and romance keeping them mesmerized with anticipation as to what’s happening next. Although he played considerably longer than his promise of 80 minutes, his hair-raising magic carpet ride evoked every sentiment  from tears to laughter. With his music he unleashes the most powerful weapon on earth, the human soul on fire.

Randy has proposed a late summer tour with a stop in Nashville so stay tuned….. 

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