Randy Edelman Honored Via Josie Music Awards & Receives Nomination for Best Musician


Composer RANDY EDELMAN is to be specially honored via the Josie Music Awards as Legendary Songwriter and has also received the nomination for the category of Best Musician: Piano/Keyboard for 2024, the 10th Anniversary of the gala event. The “Legendary Songwriter” is recognized for writing songs including “A Weekend in New England” (as covered and recorded by Barry Manilow), “Isn’t it a Shame” (as covered and recorded by Patti LaBelle), “My Place” (as recorded by hip-hop superstar Nelly), “You” (recorded by The Carpenters), and songs recorded by other artists including Olivia Newton-John, Willie Nelson, Dionne Warwick, and a parade of others. 

The Composer is also credited for writing over 100 film scores in television soundtracks, including: “My Cousin Vinny”, “Gettysburg”, “Drop Dead Fred”, “XXX”, “Kindergarten Cop”, “Billy Madison”, “The Bruce Lee Story”, “Anaconda”, “While You Were Sleeping” “Dragonheart”, “Ghostbusters ll”, “Twins”, “Last of the Mohicans” (which earned him a Golden Globe nomination) and a marathon of others.  He also wrote themes for ESPN, NASA (Dare Mighty Things),  the Olympics and the hit series MacGyver. 


The JOSIE MUSIC AWARDS will be live and in person celebrating their 10th Anniversary on Saturday October 26, 2024 @ the CMA Theater in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum followed on the next day Sunday October 27, 2024 @ the Grand Ole Opry, both in Nashville Tennessee. Tickets to the events can be purchased on their website josiemusicawards.com

The Josie Music Awards are the biggest, most prestigious, most revered event in the Independent Music Industry. The JMAs allow artists to realize their dreams in an industry that is very competitive and often very difficult. Dreams are delicate things made out of hope and desire. They also have the power to fuel our journey to the future. Dreams are the bricks whereby we build a life. The founders and hosts Tinamarie Passantino and Josie Passantino-Boone have a panel of experts deciding the nominations. Stay tuned to their website and Facebook pages for all nominations and updates.

When you can’t wrap your feelings into words Randy Edelman takes his musical alchemy and embodies every aspect of human behavior within his song serving as a great catalyst of endless possibilities, an elixir for easing our present ailments and giving us strength to face the future……

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