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This article features a candid one on one question and answers session with International DJ and artist San Holo. San is a Dutch-born DJ, musician, and record producer who is currently touring the US to “promote his latest release”.  San Holo will be performing at Nashville’s Cannery Ballroom, Tuesday, Nov 6. Purchase your tickets at the link below:

NMG: When did you first decide that music would be your future career?

San Holo: I’ve been playing guitar in bands and stuff for well over a decade now. And I also went to music school to study guitar, also where I learned music production, so it’s always been a big part of my identity. I really couldn’t picture any other life where I’m not just writing music every day.

NMG: Please give us the name of your current project, single, album and or next release.

San Holo: I’m currently on my album1 tour in support of the debut album I put out earlier this year, album1. I’ll be playing 36 shows on this tour which started in Halloween and will run until Christmas.

NMG: When did you first decided that the combination of DJ and stage artist would become the platform for you in your work?

San Holo: I only got into DJing when I started to produce music and then got booked for shows. Before I didn’t know how to DJ so I had to teach myself in order to be able to perform the music I was making since back then almost all electronic music was performed live with CDJs. Last year after DJing for a few years I felt the urge to pick up the guitar again and start performing with it which helped inspired album1 for me as well.

NMG: 2018 has been an exciting year for you with your USA tour. Could you tell us the most exciting venue or location here in the states, that you’ve performed, and why it’s the one that stands out the most?

San Holo: It’s exciting to me because for the first time I’m making a full transition into a live set and I won’t be DJing at all. It’s also the first time that I’ve gotten my own tour bus so I’ll really be able to play in a lot of the places that I’ve never been able to in the past. I’ve played lots of shows over the years so it’s hard to pick one specific venue or show that really is “the most exciting” but Red Rocks is definitely a special place to play, one of the most beautiful venues in the world for sure.

NMG: Who or what has inspired you in your career and why?

San Holo: I’m inspired a lot by post-rock bands like Sigur Ros, Explosions In The Sky, Chon and more. I love the sound of warbly, sparkly guitars instead of the heavier rock-n-roll styled “guitar styles.” album1 was borne out of my wanting to combine my inspirations in post-rock with the EDM music and style that I had become known for as San Holo.

NMG: Where do you find the inspiration for your next song? Does it come from daily events, particular people or situations that you have at the moment?

San Holo: I’m inspired a lot by nature and just being around new people and having new experiences. Being on the road so much over the last few years and really “touring” for the first time a few years back was very good for that and though I’ve definitely traveled a lot in the past few years I still find the journey of waking up in a new city each day and the new experiences that come with that super inspiring.

NMG: As a collaborator with other artists what do you look for in the music and the artist as someone you want to work with and does the greater the challenge draw you to them more or do you look more for those who are already established within the industry?

San Holo: I’m down to work with anybody whose music inspires me and touches me – that said Kanye West, Bon Iver, or John Frusciante (formerly of RHCP) would all be awesome so hit me up, guys. But seriously, it all comes down to the music for me and the same also applies when it comes to signing artists on my label Bitbird. I always get asked “what do you look for in an artist” and the answer really is just music that moves me and the rest of the team and that’s all!

NMG: You have worked several remix projects with some impressive artists in the industry. Which was your greatest challenge/enjoyed the most? Why?

San Holo: Remixing “The Next Episode” by Dr Dre. will always be stuck with me just because of how random that was. I literally downloaded a super bad acapella and somehow it became this song with hundreds of millions of plays. That one really kick-started the San Holo project for me so that will always have a special place in my heart.

NMG: Fans love to know details about their favorite artists that sometimes are not mentioned in the tabloids. Can you give us a small idea of who the private San Holo is? What do you enjoy doing that is not music related? Things that you do to just be “you.”

San Holo: I think I’m pretty much the same I am on social media. I love birds, nature, writing music, and exploring the cities that I’m in. It’s honestly hard not to discuss things that I do outside of music since I spend so much time touring very example that when I’m on the road what I’m doing to “escape” the tour life is finding time to write music haha.

NMG: As a young artist you have already made a huge imprint in the industry in your genre and style of music and stage performance. With that in mind where do you hope to see yourself in five, ten, years?

San Holo: It’s hard to predict the future and I think part of what I’ve learned a lot about myself in the last year is that I need to live in the moment more and enjoy what I’m doing instead of always thinking too far ahead. I think I’ll probably have more albums out in the next few years and I’m also looking forward to seeing Bitbird, the label that I founded, really grow.

NMG: Thank you for sharing with us. Is there any advice you would give to young artists making their first step coming into the industry?

San Holo: Practice, practice, practice. Produce for hours on end and work on your craft. Your music will always be what separates you at the end.

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