Shadow Band to Perform Nashville’s Third Man Records March 8th

Riding in on a cloud of smoke, psychedelic travelers Shadow Band makes sounds that move like foggy dreams from fantastical lands. Their patient but powerful songs set in motion a series of refracting echoes that call forth images of medieval battles, spirits unseen by human eyes and the gentle, constant pulsing of the universe.
The band formed organically around the songwriting force of Mike Bruno, a quiet figure whose vibrant mental landscape is the center of the group’s orbit.
Coming up in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Bruno immersed himself in a self-made world of gloomy sonic alchemy, honing his songcraft as a solo act and became a staple of New Brunswick’s small-but-dedicated freak scene.
The early years saw Bruno attracting a rotating cast of area heads around his growing arsenal of songs and dubbing it Black Magic Family Band. The sprawling web of artists varied with every gig and recording session, but the roots of Shadow Band started after Bruno’s move to Philly.
After a few blurry years passed, key players of the Family Band solidified into a steadfast lineup. Current members previously played in Weyes Blood (PA based for a period of time) and Philly noise/garage rock bands, Bad Indians and Hlep.
Shadow Band will be performing at Nashville’s Third man Records on March 8th, check out some of their music below.

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