Silent Order RA 10th Annual Biker Rodeo & Ride Brings Crowds to Wayne County in Support of Childhood Cancer

The Silent Order Rider’s Association hosted their 10th Annual Biker Rodeo & Ride in support of St. Jude Children’s Hospital at Crazy Horse Recreational Park in Waynesboro, Tenn this past month.

“I’m sure we would all agree that all forms of cancers suck, but childhood cancer really hits a nerve with us,” said Silent Order member Ray Barnes.

The annual event, which took place on Saturday, June 4th, raised over $5,000 for St. Jude. There was camping, food, vendors, biker games, music and more.

The day kicked off with the Poker Run Ride which for those that may not know it is a ride where participants will ante up and that at each stop along the way (usually 3-5 stops) and then whoever has the highest hand at the end wins with a portion of the proceeds going to a charity – which in this case was St. Jude.

The Biker Rodeo portion of the event included several events including “Honey, I Am Home”, a Keg Push, a Slow Race and a Drag Race.

Honey, I Am Home is an event where the fastest contestant jumps through a window frame and pushes their bike down a certain length. The Keg Push is when contestants push a beer keg barrel down a line with their bikes and who ever does it the fastest wins. The Slow Race is when contestants must go 50 feet on their bikes without touching the ground with their feet. And last but not least was the Drag race which the fastest time to go 50 feet wins.

Check out some footage of the events below

Entry into the rodeo provided proceeds to St. Jude and so did the sale of the food and drinks.

The evening was wrapped up by a performance by Fingertrick. Fingertrick hail from Memphis, Tenn and is true rock and roll, written and played the way it was always meant to be…loud, honest, and free. Playing a mix of originals and covered they did a great job entertaining the young and old with music and even game songs for the kids.

The Silent Order Rider’s Association’s Biker Rodeo & Ride is an annual event that is held the first week of June at the Crazy Horse. If you are looking for family fun and a great cause to support look no further.

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