Single Review: Agony in the Garden “Will of Fire”

Rising superstar Mack Perry, the master-mind of “Agony in the Garden” has just released one of his couture singles entitled “Will of Fire”, a stellar performance reflecting man’s virtue and dreams. Dreams save us. Dreams lift us up and transform us…No matter how dark it gets, you can’t stop the sun from rising….Hope is a thing of extraordinary power. It fills the soul and it can show the way….

Agony’s song embraces creativity, each with a powerful message. “Will of Fire” is an edgy song, packed with power and angels. There is an eloquence in his enthusiasm…and his energy seems limitless. The beats are haunting, the orchestration is explosive…Agony gives you stardust. “Will of Fire” is intense, forged by the force of life itself. It’s a frenzied, fiery inspiring song that makes your heart beat loudly. 

Mack Perry is a multi-instrumentalist with one of the most positive attitudes in the industry. Beginning his destiny in April of 2013 Agony is a one-man band composed of the genius of Mack Perry in his own words, Mack spreads the following message “no matter what you’re going through as long as you wait daylight never dies. It’s never too late.” Agony celebrates an evolving career filled with fireworks and magic.

“Will of Fire” is available worldwide on all digital platforms and is ready for you to experience…..

5/5 Stars 

The official website for Agony In The Garden may be found at

Review by Meredith Grant

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