Single Review: Andrew Cole “Cover Me” by Eileen Shapiro

After being introduced to singer, songwriter, anti-bullying guru Andrew Cole and his single “Cover Me” set to be officially released on December 10, 2020, I realized I was suddenly in an enforced visit to an imaginary realm. Poetically manifested and musically unburdened by men, angels and beasts, “Cover Me” is a triumphant journey into an extraordinary and dazzling talent through the voice and artistry of Andrew Cole.

Cole is no stranger to the world of music, in fact he has opened for icons including Elton John, John Fogerty, and Tom Jones. He is also becoming a household name through the release of his anti-bullying anthemic masterpiece  “I Am No Joke”,  “#NoJoke” song and documentary. Between the release of both the song and film collaborations run high with artists including: Slash, Chad Smith, Lemmy Kilmister, Jeff Goldblum, Patrick Stewart, Ozzy Osborne, Cedric The Entertainer, Jane Lynch and a host of others. 

His life’s inauguration began in Toronto, Canada, but by the time he was six months old his family moved to Liverpool England. Cole spent a good portion of his youth constantly relocating between Canada and the UK. He released his first album in 2010 under his own label Crier Records and in 2012 he released a two song EP featuring Tom Cochrane and Kenny Aronoff. 

“Cover Me” is a reflection and illumination into the true vibrancy of Cole’s angelic vocal ability and lyrical splendor. The song features legendary saxophone player Dan Higgins as well as other cool artists. It has a commercial flair as well as an intensely innocent vulnerability. It’s colorful, full of heart and audacious. 

Cole’s relentless and enchanting battle to be well recognized in the music industry will shortly come to fruition. Although enterprise can be a lonely flight, Andrew is already respected by his peers and continues to record his music during the darkest time in our history….. however, creativity is sometimes found in the darkest corners…often what makes the night in us also makes the stars.

5/5 Stars

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