Single Review: THE AMERICAN RELICS “The Good Always Come Through” Featuring John Gitano

THE AMERICAN RELICS have done it again…this time they have defied the genre chain with an ass kicking country tune, “The Good Always Come Through” featuring John Gitano. Frontman John Gitano and vocalist Adrienne Dugger have an effective response to this type of music and thereby generate an emotional response to the audience. Both have a vested interest in our believing in the flash revelation, the so-called inspiration that comes down from the heavens as a ray of light.

This song is rooted in the heart receives impressions through the ear. The harmonious relationship between John and Adrian in this song is a sweet, sounding, rhythmic chiming. This song promotes an exceptional capacity of creativity in original work, especially in a country song with individuality imagination are key. 

THE AMERICAN RELICS are usually known for their ability to defy any genre, and to take songs with attitudes of the past and make them relevant for the now, and also invite the future. Band members include John Gitano, Adrienne Dugger, Nelson Montana, Ian Zane, Josh Salant, and Joni Ernst. Together is a poetry speaks to the human condition, cutting to the heart what it means to be alive. Thanks to the music instead of seeing a single world we see it multiply and there becomes its meaning of worlds, as they are original artists…..

The harmonies are outstanding and the instrumentals fill bodied and reverberant. This is an incredible example of an eloquent and enthusiastic country and western song.

5/5 stars 


Listen to “The Good Always Come Through” by THE AMERICAN RELICS here:

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Review by Meredith Grant 

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