Smoke and Mirrors Not Required

New Album By Gal Friday Available Now

Wednesday night, October 19th and downtown Nashville is a bit quieter than usual.  Everywhere, that is, except for Cerveza Jack’s on 2nd Avenue North.  The steady stream of patrons entering off the street are drawn in by the beautiful harmonies and rockin’ sound of GalFriday – a band for every day of the week.  This sister trio is making their initial mark on Country radio with the lead-off track — “Scrapyard” from their new album release “Smoke and Mirrors.”   The album which drops on October 20th is a record that may very well change the face of contemporary Country music in this town.

The talent of the group is enhanced by the expert sound skills of venue manager Ian Byars.  Ian transforms the intimate space into a stellar listening room, a small room that rocks the neighboring competition of surrounding larger venues into submission.  Accompanied by exceptional tacos and a tequila stock market for every man- this establishment – like the band it is hosting – never disappoints.

Ian walks over to the band’s manager, and smiles wiping his brow; “They had me sweating opening with an original right out of the gate!”  The song – “Smoke and Mirrors” – is welcomed by the audience as if they’ve known this music for decades.  Inside people are singing along, outside on the street passers-by stop and listen through the open windows.  Then they turn and walk in the doors.  The place is jammed in moments.  A testament to the band – who need no smoke and mirrors – they have it all.

The set continues alternating between familiar covers and stellar originals from the new album.  The three sisters sing in perfect harmony and banter with playful humor inviting the audience inside their familial make-up.  They are all naturals on stage.  Lead vocalist Lauren Wilson belts out soulful lyrics while her sisters Ashley Min and Melissa York complete the sound and stage picture.  They are all beautiful, down to earth, fun-loving talented women.  The seamless workings of this band is an amazing experience to witness.

A gentleman leans into band manager, John Leal and comments “…you and they have a long and prosperous career ahead of you.”  This is one of many similar observations throughout the night. The consensus is clear, GalFriday band is on the fast track to fame.

The ladies rock Little Big Town’s version of Little White Church and Maren Morris’s My Church turning the venue into a momentary gospel revival.  The bar sings along as an impromptu backup choir.  They then cover Midnight Rider,  a soulful rock-n-roll female harmonic version that would make the Allman Brothers proud.  And every time Lauren asks if the crowd might like to hear an original there are audible cheers.  They have won.

The band plays and fills the space with an electric energy.  Bass player Stacey Leazer, Drummer Johnathan Erickson and guitar Mike Waters play with the ease of a well-oiled machine.  Perfectly executing covers and originals alike.  The room is entranced and alive with the joy of stellar musical talent.  The formula works.  This band captures a new audience with catchy well-composed songs that every newcomer can relate to; people who have never seen or heard of GalFriday are instant fans, asking for autographs and pictures.  The pre-sale CDs are selling like hot chicken to new fans who want a piece of the band before the rest of the world has access.

Pay attention Nashville, these gals and their band are sure to be your next headliners.  Nashville is accustomed to amazing artists, but once in a while an act that proves an anomaly comes along and even we have to admit they are a breath of fresh air.  Something unique stops us in our tracks, and we just have to listen. GalFriday Band has made their mark for every day of the week in Music City.  They will rock your weekdays as much as your weekends.

Story by K.W. Poole ©10/19/17

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